Conversational UX Design CHI 2017 Workshop - Organizers

Robert J. Moore is an ethnomethodologist and conversation analyst who has been applying these disciplines to technology design for over 15 years in Silicon Valley (at Xerox PARC, Yahoo! and IBM). Over the past 2 years, he has been translating formal models from Conversation Analysis into conversation flows for virtual agent systems at IBM Research-Almaden.

Raphael Arar is an award-winning designer, artist and educator. In his role as Designer and Researcher at IBM Research, he focuses on the intersection of cognitive computing and design methodologies, and as a Lecturer at the University of Southern California in their Media Arts + Practice Division, he is passionate about bringing design and technology to the academic space.

Guang-Jie Ren is a Research Staff Member at IBM Research-Almaden. He leads the re*THINK Enterprise team with a passion in creating user-centric innovations to address industry challenges. Guang-Jie currently leads a project building conversational applications for the travel and transportation industry.

Margaret "Peggy" Szymanski is a conversation analyst and ethnographer who has recently joined IBM Research-Almaden and has spent 16 years at the Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center (PARC). She applies Conversation Analysis to talk and work practice in diverse settings, as well to the design of social, mobile and communications technologies.