Industrial Technology & Science - Mobile Chemical Analysis

Today, environmental analysis often relies on expensive and time consuming laboratory tests, which are performed far away from the test site. As a result, chemical analysis is pratically limited to a small sample numbers and within large timeframes (several weeks/months).

Our microfluidics paper-based analytical device (µPAD) platform provides fast, easy-to-use and low-cost on site chemical analysis. For example, the µPAD technology enables real time enhancements in crop and fertilizer management. Streaming the test data to the Cloud allows for large-scale data integration and geospatial and temporal analysis.



  • Some features of this platform are:
    • On-site chemical analysis
    • Highly portable and simple to use
    • Multi-purpose microfluidic chip paper based
    • Inexpensive and biodegradable
    • Smartphone application, to capture the colorimetric analysis result
    • Flexible platform technology, combined with data analytics and IoT capabilities (Built on IBM Bluemix technologies) provides critical insights, such as fertilizer concentration, water contamination, and soil composition.
  • Analysis suitable for several scenarios, such as:
    • Precision agriculture
    • Water quality control
    • Food contamination/counterfeit control
    • Healthcare applications


Paper-based microfluidics technology

  • It enables low-cost testing, high design flexibility and easy large scale fabrication.
  • Colorimetric based analysis provides easy implementation of various tests on same analysis card




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