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CAVATAR - A Multi-bot Conversation System for Support Services


Watson & IBM’s Technology Support – Improve Customer Service & Tech Support via Cognitive Computing


How It Works: Dynamic Automation


Team Updates

  • Congrats!Citicafe: Interactive Platform for Citizen Engagement” by Shubham, Pooja, Prateeti, Amol, Anwesh, and Gargi has been accepted at ACM IUI 2018.
  • Congrats! “Anomaly Detection Using Program Control Flow Graph Mining from Execution Logs" selected for the IRL Distinguished Paper Award-2016. The paper was presented at KDD 2016 and includes Atri Mandal, Shubham Atreja and Gargi B. Dasgupta as authors.
  • Congrats! Anupama Ray has been selected to attend the Global Young Scientists Summit (GYSS) happening in Singapore from 21-26 January 2018.
  • Hima Patel chaired the AI Track of GHC India (2017) held on 16-17 November, 2017 in Bangalore.
  • Gargi B. Dasgupta participated in a Panel discussion on “Importance of Domain Knowledge in Building Intelligent Applications” as part of GHC India (2017) held on 16-17 November, 2017 in Bangalore.

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