Quantum Computing     


Quantum Computing - Seminars


Daniel Gottesman (Perimeter Institute), Feb. 21

Robert Raussendorf (UBC), Feb. 22

Srinivasan Arunachalam (MIT), Mar. 25

Will Oliver (MIT Lincoln Labs), Apr. 12

Alexandre Blais (Sherbrooke), Apr. 17

Phillipe Campagne-Ibarcq (Yale), May 1

Gianluigi Catelani (Yale), May 3

Kyungjoo Noh (Yale), May 7

Dom Williamson (Yale), May 13

Guido Pagano (UMD), June 17

Elizabeth Crosson (UNM), June 19

Tracy Northrup (Innsbruck), June 20

Susmita Sur-Kolay (ISI), July 9

Mark Steudtner (Delft), July 15

Animesh Datta (U Warwick), July 17



Tal Kachman (IBM Research Haifa), April 5
Giuseppe Carleo (Flatiron Institute), June 21
Bert Kappen (Radboud University), August 27 (hosted jointly with AI group)
Ken Brown (Georgia Tech), October 4
Bill Fefferman (Berkeley), October 18
Dmitri Kharzeev (Stony Brook), October 25
Isaac Chuang (MIT), (TBA)


  1. Charlie Bennett (IBM Research), May 12 - Is there such a thing as private information ?
  2. Steve Flammia (Sydney/MIT), May 19 - Approximate quantum error correction and toplogical order
  3. James Whitfield (Dartmouth), June 9 - Fermionic simulation on quantum computers
  4. Seth Lloyd (MIT), June 29 - Quantum Machine Learning
  5. Stephen Jordan (Maryland), July 13 - Quantum and classical optimization algorithms: Stoquastic vs Stochastic
  6. Joe Fitzsimons (SUTD), July 21 - Secure Quantum Computing
  7. Scott Aaronson (University of Texas at Austin), July 28 - Complexity-theoretic foundations of Quantum Supremacy Experiments
  8. Jullien Ross (Dalhousie University), August 4 - Toward the first quantum simulation with quantum speedup
  9. Rotem Liss (Technion-Israel Institute of Technology), August 25 - Geometry of Entanglement in the Bloch Sphere
  10. Earl Campbell (University of Sheffield), September 8 - Unifying gate synthesis and magic state distillation   
  11. Oded Regev (NYU), November 3 - Dimension reduction for matrices

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