Cognitive Education and Interactions - Other Areas

Our past work has been motivated by the need to personalize education at-scale by combining insights gained through deep analytics on student data and learning content. As part of a First-Of-A-Kind project with a major school district in the US, we developed predictive analytics techniques to group learners into risk cohorts with respect to performance in standardized assessments by considering factors such as course performance, grade progression, attendance, social-economic indicators, disciplinary actions etc. extracted from longitudinal student records. This helped uncover specific risk areas for a student in various areas and sub-areas of the curriculum. We also developed techniques to analyze learning content and automatically annotate it with rich meta-data related to key concepts, readability and curriculum standards. The insights on student risk areas and learning content were then combined to assist teachers in designing personalized learning pathways for students. This solution was piloted with teachers at the Gwinnett County Public Schools in Georgia, USA and provided the technological foundation for the product IBM Watson Enlight for Educators.

We have been very interested in understanding how student engagement and affect evolve during learning, and how this correlates with learning outcomes. We have conducted field studies using instrumented learning platforms in various learning settings – in-class studies conducted in collaboration with our colleagues in IBM Research –Africa with the Riara Group of Schools in Kenya (K-12), blended learning studies with engineering students in collaboration with the University of Goa, and MOOC studies on the interplay of affect, behavior and performance in collaboration with the University of Notre Dame. Recently, we have been exploring the area of eye gaze tracking, which has many interesting applications in Education. Our past research has involved work with children with disabilities.

Some of our researchers have deep expertise in mobile application development and sensing/IoT technologies, which we are increasingly aligning with novel use cases in Education.