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Organization Maps (OrgMaps)

Chandra Narayanaswami,Danny Soroker, Dan Coffman, Aaron Zinman

Soon after seeing a series of mashups on Google maps in 2007, we conceived of and led innovations around a series of “enterprise substrates” which could be mashed up with interesting data sets on top.  Organization Maps is one of them.

One example was Organizational Maps that used a tree map visual rendering to show the organizational structure.  On it were overlaid various enterprise pieces of information or HR information that were aggregated up the tree hierarchy to quickly show. Examples include patents issued, financial information, performance ratings, delinquencies in HR processes, etc. This work was done in the early days of Web 2.0 and a significant amount of work had to be done to have fast renderings (See reference 1). This work was also used to render product catalog hierarchies from retailers.  The dynamic information that was overlaid included sales units, sales dollars, item promotions, stock-outs, excess inventory, ratings and reviews, etc.

This mashup was also shown at the 2008 ACM Programming Contest Finals to the participants – where the participant teams were represented as geographical hierarchy.