Exploiting Accelerator Diversity for Cognitive Workloads - Workshop at MICRO 2017 - Biography of Organizers

Rajaram Krishnamurthy, IBM Systems

Raj Krishnamurthy designs and develops system stacks consisting of software and hardware elements for emerging and contemporary data analytics workloads. He has been a technical staff member in the Enterprise Systems division at IBM since 2006. His work has impacted several platforms, software products, and roadmaps in IBM—both on mainframes and Power Systems. Raj holds 100+ patents (with 50+ still pending) and has written a number of external peer-reviewed publications. Raj holds a PhD in computer science and an MS/BS degree in electrical engineering. He is a member of the IBM Academy of Technology.


Peter Hofstee, IBM Research

Peter Hofstee ( Ph.D. California Inst. of Technology, 1995 ) is a distinguished research staff member at the IBM Austin Research Laboratory, USA,  and a part-time professor in Big Data Systems at Delft University of Technology, Netherlands. Peter is best known for his contributions to heterogeneous computer architecture as the chief architect of the Synergistic Processor Elements in the Cell Broadband Engine processor, used in the Sony Playstation3 and the first supercomputer to reach sustained Petaflop operation. After returning to IBM research in 2011 he has focused on optimizing the system roadmap for big data, analytics, and cloud, including the use of accelerated compute. His early research work on coherently attached reconfigurable acceleration on Power 7 paved the way for the new coherent attach processor interface on POWER 8. Peter is an IBM master inventor with more than 100 issued patents and a member of the IBM Academy of technology.


Ganesan Narayanasamy, IBM Systems

Ganesan Narayanasamy is an OpenPOWER leader for Academia and research at the IBM Lab. Ganesan is best known for his contributions to High Performance Computing as senior leader for nearly 1.5 decades. He is also leading the WW Academia workgroup for OpenPOWER and putting together OpenPOWER ECO System development activities like setting up OpenPOWER center of excellence, OpenPOWER labs, Curriculum development etc. Ganesan is always passionate about working with Universities and research Institutes and provide all kinds of technical mentoring.