Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Professional Interest Community (KDD PIC) - Projects

  • BioInformatics & Pattern Discovery

    Pattern discovery in event streams

  • Data Analytics

    Theoretical modeling of structured data

  • Data Analytics Research

    Probabilistic estimation based data mining solutions, classification and regression modeling

  • Data Mining & Decision Support Technologies

    Scalable data mining and pattern discovery systems

  • Exploratory Data Mining

    stream, grid, interactive and anomaly mining

  • Image Information Systems

    Content based query and data mining frameworks for image and video data

  • Information Management Principles

    Algorithms for web information mining

  • Information Retrieval & Organization

    Statistical analysis, clustering, and text mining for web discovery solutions.

  • Knowledge Management

    Highlights a need for tools that can synthesize and organize knowledge on any given topic of interest from a corpus of documents.

  • Performance Management

    Managing quality of service