1st Workshop on People+AI Society @CHI 2018 - Call for Participation

1st Workshop on People+AI Society: Challenges in Designing and Developing for Humans and AI-Powered Systems Symbioses invites papers on research topics related to the design, implementation, evaluation, and application of AI-powered systems. Such systems are capable of communicating with humans and others AI-powered systems in different forms and for diverse purposes. Example applications include intelligent assistants, chatbots, interface bots for smart appliances and environments, or any AI-powered system related to communications and collaboration with people. The goal of the People+AI Society workshop is to provide an opportunity for continued interaction and cross-fertilization between the CHI (and AI) communities and researchers working on people and AI collaboration.

We invite submissions which engage with the workshop topic and can take one of the following forms: a) position papers that discuss design, development or evaluation of AI-Powered system(s); b) Case studies in which authors discuss and reflect on challenges related to human-computer symbiosis for AI-powered system(s); and c) Surveys of difficulties reported in previous works about human-computer symbiosis for AI-powered system(s).

Submissions should not exceed 4 pages (ACM Extended Abstract format, excluding raw data tables). It should include the name, contact information, affiliation of authors, and must be limited to 2-4 pages, including figures and references. All submissions must be in English. Submissions should be sent by email to jjansen@br.ibm.com by 11:59 p.m. PST Friday, February 2, 2018. Submissions will be acknowledged via email. If the paper is accepted, at least one author of each accepted position paper must attend the workshop and that all participants must register for both the workshop and for at least one day of the conference. 

Importante Dates

Position Paper Submission Deadline: 2 Feb 2018

Position Paper Notification Deadline: 22 Feb 2018 (notification 22 Feb)

Position Paper Camera-ready Deadline: February 17, 2018.

Workshop: soon