Artificial Intelligence Professional Interest Community - Community Service

Workshops and tutorials (organization):

  1. Tutorial at ICML-2010: Alina Beygelzimer and John Langford: Learning Through Exploration
  2. Tutorial at ICML-2009: Alina Beygelzimer, John Langford, Bianca Zadrozny: Reductions in Machine Learning
  3. Biplav Srivastava, Ullas Nambiar and Craig Knoblock organized the 7th International Workshop on Information Integration on the Web (IIWeb 2009) at the 21st International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-09).
  4. Mark Giuliano and Biplav Srivastava organized the ICAPS-09 Application Showcase Track, September 19-23, 2009, Thessaloniki, Greece.
  5. Janusz Marecki organized the IJCAI-09 workshop on Quantitative Risk Analysis for Security Applications
  6. Janusz Marecki organized the AAMAS-09 workshop on Multiagent Sequential Decision Making

Conference Organization and Service:

ICML 2010: Shai Fine and Dan Pelleg (Local Arrangements Chair), Ettie Gilead (Publicity and Production Chair), Vered Aharon (Technical/Local), Efrat Maimon (Webmaster)
COLT 2010: Shai Fine and Oded Margalit (Local Arrangements Chair)
UAI 2010 PC: Alina Beygelzimer
ALT 2010 PC: Alina Beygelzimer

COLT 2009 PC: Elad Hazan
ICML 2009 Area Chair: Naoki Abe
IUI 2009: Larry Bergman (Registration Chair, Program Committee Associate Chair)