Macromolecular Chemotherapeutics and Anticancer Drug Delivery - Drug and Gene Delivery

Therapeutic Delivery Systems

The selective encapsulation and delivery of drugs or genes is important and viable strategy to both increase their therapeutic effectiveness and minimize off-target toxicity. To this end we have developed several platforms capable of achieving these goals.


Micelle Based Systems for Drug-Delivery

To selectively deliver drugs, such as the chemotherapeutic doxorubicin, we have developed several platforms capable of loading, transporting and releasing drugs (as in one of our recent examples below).


Organocatalytic Anticancer Drug Loading of Degradable Mixed Micelles via a Biomimetic Mechanism
Julian M. W. Chan, Jeremy P. K. Tan, Amanda C. Engler, Xiyu Ke, Shujun Gao, Chuan Yang, Yi Yan Yang, and James L. Hedrick
Macromolecules 49(6), 2013, 2016


Hydrogel Based Systems for Drug-Delivery

We have also developed many hydrogel systems for the sustained release of drugs such as herceptin as seen in the example below. These systems were found to be stable for up to six weeks in vivo.


Injectable hydrogels from triblock copolymer of Vitamin E-functionalized polycarbonates and poly)ethylene glycol) for subcutaneous delivery of antibody for cancer therapy
Ashlynn L.Z. Lee, Victor W.L. Ng, Shujun Gao, James L. Hedrick, Yi Yan Yang
Advance Functional Materials24, 1538, 2014