Macromolecular Chemotherapeutics and Anticancer Drug Delivery - Macromolecular Chemotherapeutics

Macromolecular Chemotherapeutics

A new concept in materials driven cancer therapy is the use of macromolecules themeselves as chemotherapeutic agents. Here we have developed new classes of macromolecules to treat cancer as shown below.

These macromolecular chemotherapeutic agents consist of cationic, functionalized diblock copolymers that can self-assemble into well-defined nanoparticles. The nanoparticles can then interact selectively with cancer cell membranes, eventually causing lysis and cell death (as seen in our proposed mechanism below).

Our studies support our mechanistic hypothosis, showing cancer cell death primarily from necrosis. Additionally, our macromolecular chemotherapeutic systems are successful in treating drug resistant cancer cells, cancer stem cells, and do not cause resistance after multiple doses.

For more information, see our recent paper below.