Consortium for Sequencing the Food Supply Chain - Membership

Consortium prospective members will be qualified as Non-commercial or Industry/commercial. For Non-commercial entities (e.g. academics), there are no fees to join the Consortium and they are granted full membership as described below. For Industry / Commercial partners, the fees are different for Full or Associate Members as the rights differ for those memberships.

Full members and non-commercial members have access to

    • Automated food microbiome analytics service
    • Access to your own and shared curated data among consortium members
    • Individual sample report “Insight Reports”

Associate members have access to the annual consortium conference.

Data flow & Rights:

    • Member keeps ownership of their data
    • Member’s data can be classified as confidential or non-confidential
    • Curated data and insight reports are generated using the Automated food microbiome analytics service
    • Owning Members can disclose their curated data and insight reports publicly w/o permission

For more information and/or to obtain to the Consortium contract, please contact the Consortium business development executive Sonal Venkatadri (