My career at IBM Research: Yaniv Corem       

Yaniv Corem

I have been fascinated with the computing potential of crowds and how it might be leveraged to solve problems that computers still struggle with. I arrived at IBM Research (Haifa) in October 2010 and have been working on a couple of projects that will enable users to create simple trivia-like games that harness the "Wisdom of the Crowd" in order to solve difficult problems, complete tasks, extract data and more.

One of the projects my group is working on is a game called GUESS - Gaming Umbrella for Enterprise Social Sourcing. GUESS is a simple trivia game where players are presented with a topic, question and a time limit of sixty seconds to input as many answers as possible. Players get points for every answer they provide and advance up the leaderboard. GUESS makes building large datasets of useful information easy and fun. Additionally, by using a clever reward scheme, players validate each other's answers and contribute to maintaining structure within the dataset. GUESS has had two successful use cases: GUESS Who, where input from the crowd was used to extend and refresh data in an enterprise social network, and GUESS What where input from the crowd was used to build a business glossary for an enterprise product.

I did my undergraduate work at the Technion in Haifa. I graduated from MIT in June 2010 with a dual Master's Degree in architecture and computer science. As an undergraduate, I became interested in digital architecture, especially computer-aided design (CAD). At MIT, my advisor wasUna-May O'Reilly, a computer scientist who has done a lot of creative work in robotics, evolutionary computation and optimization. Under her guidance, I wrote a web application called UDesign that allowed users to design their own apartment and then share it with their friends on Facebook. The application provided inexperienced users with design recommendations based on feedback from other users and Facebook friends.

I have been at IBM Research (Haifa) for nearly a year and I look forward to developing, working and ultimately managing projects that make a difference in people's lives.

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