Medical, Health Informatics and Computational Biology       

IBM's founders wanted to give back to the world and see how computers could aid the health of our community.  Out of that early commitment, and recognizing the huge opportunity to help the world using computers to aid the understanding of how our bodies work and can be treated, IBM Research is committed to working on medical informatics.  IBM Research has a world class physics department that helps design devices that go into computers and some of that research tells us what artificial things we can do to aid people.


  1. 1981:  Lasik Eye Surgery
  2. 1986 - 1992:  Robodoc
  3. 2005:  Genographic Project - First Large-scale DNA-based Effort to Trace Human Spread Across Globe
  4. 2005:  Understanding Key Elements of Protein Folding
  5. 2007:  Tumor-Suppressor p53 Pathway Modeling
  6. 2007:  STEM Tool to Create Spatial and Temporal Models of Emerging Infectious Diseases
  7. 2008:  Cardiac Modeling - Part 1
  8. 2008:  Biomolecular Dynamic Simulations with Massively Parallel Molecular Dynamics Software
  9. 2008:  Treating HIV with Smart Algorithms
  10. 2008:  Crowdsourcing of Biomedical Research(?)
  11. 2011:  Protein Misfolding and Alzheimer's, Huntington's, Mad Cow and Cataracts
  12. 2012:  Cardiac Modeling - Part 2
  13. 2013:  Exploring Toxicity of Nanomedicines
  14. 2015:  Advance in Protein Science Powered by Massively Parallel Molecular Dynamics Software