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Manager - Cognitive Analytics
IBM Research - Australia


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Stability characteristics of a counter-rotating unequal-strength Batchelor vortex pair
K. Ryan, C.J. Butler, G.J. Sheard
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Shear rate behaviour within in vitro thrombotic geometries: height and surface curvature dependence.
CJ Butler, I. Pinar, K. Ryan, J. Carberry, GJ Sheard

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C.J. Butler, K. Ryan, G.J. Sheard
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Effect of hemodynamic forces on platelet aggregation geometry
E. Tolouei, C.J. Butler, A. Fouras, K. Ryan, G.J. Sheard, J. Carberry
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Modelling variations in shear rate around a geometrically similar thrombus in-vitro
C.J. Butler, G.J. Sheard, K. Ryan
Seventh International Conference on CFD in the Minerals and Process Industries, pp. 037BUT--1, 2009