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Staff Researcher
Melbourne Research Laboratory, Melbourne, Australia



Real-time wildfire detection and tracking in Australia using geostationary satellite: Himawari-8
Guang Xu, Xu Zhong
Remote Sensing Letters 8(11), 1052-1061, 2017

On the utility of shelters in wildfire evacuations
Kent Steer, Ermyas Abebe, Mahathir Almashor, Anton Beloglazov, Xu Zhong
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Zhong Xu, Wang Xuezhi, Cooley Nicola, Farrell Peter, Moran Bill
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Real-time estimation of wildfire perimeters from curated crowdsourcing
Xu Zhong, Matt Duckham, Derek Chong, Kevin Tolhurst
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Characterizing the shapes of noisy, non-uniform, and disconnected point clusters in the plane
Xu Zhong, Matt Duckham
Computers, Environment and Urban Systems 57, 48 - 58, 2016

Stream Kriging: Incremental and recursive ordinary Kriging over spatiotemporal data streams
Xu Zhong, Allison Kealy, Matt Duckham
Computers & Geosciences 90, Part A, 134 - 143, 2016

An efficient incremental algorithm for generating the characteristic shape of a dynamic set of points in the plane
Xu Zhong, Matt Duckham
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Challenges to Using Decentralized Spatial Algorithms in the Field: The RISERnet Geosensor Network Case Study
Matt Duckham, Xu Zhong, Kevin Toohey
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Normal vector based dynamic laser speckle analysis for plant water status monitoring
Xu Zhong, Xuezhi Wang, Nicola Cooley, Peter M. Farrell, Sally Foletta, Bill Moran
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Dynamic laser speckle analysis via normal vector space statistics
Xu Zhong, Xuezhi Wang, Nicola Cooley, Peter Farrell, Bill Moran
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Application of laser speckle pattern analysis for plant sensing
Xu Zhong, Xuezhi Wang, Nicola Cooley, Peter Farrell, Bill Moran
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