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Research Manager, Multimedia Analytics
IBM Research Australia, Level 5/204 Lygon St, Carlton, VIC 3053, Australia


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Professional Associations:  IEEE


Deep Belief Networks and Biomedical Text Categorisation
Antonio Jimeno Yepes, Andrew Mackinlay, Justin Bedo, Rahil Garnavi, Qiang Chen
ALTA, 2014

Ibm research australia at lifeclef2014: Plant identification task
Qiang Chen, Mani Abedini, Rahil Garnavi, Xi Liang
Working notes of CLEF 2014 conference


IBM Research at ImageCLEF 2013 Medical Tasks
Mani Abedini, Liangliang Cao, Noel Codella, Jonathan H. Connell, Rahil Garnavi, Amir Geva, Michele Merler, Quoc-Bao Nguyen, Sharathchandra U. Pankanti, John R. Smith, Xingzhi Sun, and Asaf Tzadok
ImageCLEFmed Medical Image Retrieval Workshop at AMIA 2013

Engineering resilient information systems for emergency management
C Vecchiola, H Anjomshoa, Y Bernstein, I Dumitrescu, R Garnavi, J von Kanel, G Wightwick
IBM Journal of Research and Development 57(5), 2--1, IBM, 2013



Optimized Weighted Performance Index for Objective Evaluation of Border-Detection Methods in Dermoscopy Images
R Garnavi, M Aldeen
IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in BioMedicine, IEEE, 2011

Border detection in dermoscopy images using hybrid thresholding on optimized color channels
R Garnavi, M Aldeen, M E Celebi, G Varigos, S Finch
Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics 35(2), 105--115, Elsevier, 2011


Image based diagnostic aid system for interstitial lung diseases
A Tolouee, H A Moghaddam, M Forouzanfar, M Gity, R Garnavi
Expert Systems With Applications, Elsevier, 2010

Classification of Melanoma Lesions Using Wavelet-Based Texture Analysis
R Garnavi, M Aldeen, J Bailey
2010 International Conference on Digital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications, pp. 75--81

Global versus hybrid thresholding for border detection in dermoscopy images
R Garnavi, M Aldeen, S Finch, G Varigos
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Weighted performance index for objective evaluation of border detection methods in dermoscopy images
R Garnavi, M Aldeen, ME Celebi
Skin Research and Technology, Wiley Online Library, 2010


Skin lesion segmentation using color channel optimization and clustering-based histogram thresholding
R Garnavi, M Aldeen, M E Celebi, A Bhuiyan, C Dolianitis, G Varigos
International Conference on Machine Vision, Image Processing, and Pattern Analysis (MVIPPA09), World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, pp. 549--557, 2009


Texture Analysis in lung HRCT images
A Tolouee, H Abrishami-Moghaddam, R Garnavi, M Forouzanfar, M Giti
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A new segmentation method for lung HRCT images
R Garnavi, A Baraani-Dastjerdi, H A Moghaddam, M Giti, A A Rad
Digital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications, 2005, pp. 52--52

Year Unknown

Disaster Recovery and Resilient Computing
J Paraszczak, H Watanabe, P Williams, E Bartholomy, G Greenlee, M Sylvia, C Vecchiola, H Anjomshoa, Y Bernstein, I Dumitrescu, others
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