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Research Staff Member
Level 22, 60 City Road, Southbank, VIC, 3006, Australia



Cognitive Multi-Layered Real-Time Visualisation of a User's Sensed Information
Adam Eberbach, Josh Andres, Mahathir Almashor, Nebula Alam, Shaila Pervin

A cognitive method and system to predict actual time of non-real time posts using contextual metadata
Christopher Butler, Jennifer Lai, Shaila Pervin


Q&A system information delivery enhancement
Fatemeh Jalali, Fang Lu, Lenin Mehedy, Mani Abedini, Shaila Pervin, Tom Conway

System, method and recording medium for creating a social media sensing post
Josh Andres, Nebula Alam, Shaila Pervin

Mobile device input language suggestion method based on message receiver's environment
Fang Lu, Lenin Mehedy, Mani Abedini, Shaila Pervin


Cognitive assistance for sponsorship decision based on social media impact of brands in events
Fatemeh Jalali, Shaila Pervin, Wanita Sherchan, Xi Liang

Automatic detection of demographics and personality traits of a user based on their social media image posts
Anna Phan, jennifer lai, Shaila Pervin, Wanita Sherchan

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