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Professional Associations:  Sociedade Brasileira de Geofisica


Enabling an Operational Coupled Modelling and Observing System to Assess Water Quality in the Lake George, New York Watershed
L. Treinish, C.Watson, G. Auger, M. Tewari, E. M. Dow, M. Henderson, A. Praino, M. Kelly, V. Moriarty, M. Passow, A. Costa, A. Buoro, and H. Kolar
23rd Conference on Integrated Observing and Assimilation Systems for the Atmosphere, Oceans, and Land Surface (IOAS-AOLS), 2019


A Coupled Modelling and Observing System to Assess Water Quality in the Lake George, New York Watershed
L. A. Treinish, C. D. Watson, G. Auger, E. M. Dow, M. E. Henderson, M. Tewari, A. P. Praino, M. R. Kelly, V. W. Moriarty. M. L. Passow, A. C. N. Junior, A. B. Buoro, and H. R. Kolar
, Fall American Geophysical Union (AGU), 2018

A Hybrid Data-Driven and Knowledge-Driven Methodology for Estimating the Effect of Completion Parameters on the Cumulative Production of Horizontal Wells
Jorge Guevara, Bianca Zadrozny, Alvaro Buoro, Ligang Lu, John Tolle, Jan Limbeck, Mingqi Wu, Defletf Hohl
SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, 2018
machine learning, generalized additive model, computer science, artificial intelligence

Alvaro Bueno Buoro, Eduardo Cesar Coutinho, Daniel Specht
WIT Transactions on Ecology and the Environment215, 145-156, 2018
Abstract   immunology, environmental resource management, decision support system, climate change, biology


Evaluating the resilience of large water reservoirs under Climate Change
Buoro, Alvaro B. ; Paul Borrel ;Eduardo Cesar N. Coutinho
Embrace the water , 2017


Water resilience under climate change
Alvaro Bueno Buoro; Paul Borrel ; Eduardo Cesar N. Coutinho
Food Energy Waste workshop, at KDD, 2016


Perfilagem inducao eletromagnetica e radiacao gama natural em pocos de monitoramento
Alex F. Ribeiro, Carlos A. Mendonca, Alvaro B. Buoro
14th International Congress of the Brazilian Geophysical Society & EXPOGEF, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 3-6 August 2015, 127-131


Modelling of permafrost freezing and melting and the impact of a climatic cycle on groundwater flow at the Meuse/Haute-Marne site
Holmen, J.; Benabderrahmane, H.; Buoro, A.; Brulhet, J.
Physics and Chemistry of the Earth 36(17), 1531-1538, 2011


Integrating uncertainties in remediation planning with perspectives in sustainability
Buoro, A., Korkalainen, M., Hautakangas, H., Dahlbo, K. & Takala
NORDROCS, The 2nd Joint Nordic Meeting on Remediation of Contaminated Sites, 2008


Decision tools using sustainability indicators with simulation
Buoro, A. B.; A. Costa; K. Dahlbo - D.
PEER Environmental Technology Seminar, 2006


Risk and Uncertainty Analysis of Contamination of the Food Supply due to Sudden Release of Radionuclides from a Nuclear Facility
A. D McGoey-Smith, B. J Griffin, S. M. Swanson, A. Buoro and R. C Moraes
International Conference on: monitoring, assessments and uncertainties for nuclear and radiological emergency response, 2005


An optimization technique to calibrate the biodegradation rate in first order decay chains
Buoro, Alvaro B.
Goldsim 3rd annual conference, 2004


A Goldsim model for safety assessment of Radwaste storage in Clay repository
Buoro, Alvaro B.
Goldsim 1st annual conference, 2002


Empirical Orthogonal Functions Analysis Applied to the Inverse Problem in Hydrogeology: Evaluation of Uncertainty and Simulation of New Solutions
Frederick Delay, Alvaro Buoro, Ghislain de Marsily
Mathematical Geosciences 33(8), 927-949, 2001
Abstract   random field, matrix decomposition, mathematics, inverse problem, hydrogeology, hydraulic head, empirical orthogonal functions, econometrics, covariance matrix, covariance


Regards sur 40 ans de problemes inverses en hydrogeologie
Ghislain de Marsily, Jean-Pierre Delhomme, Frederic Delay, Alvaro Buoro
Comptes Rendus De L Academie Des Sciences Serie Ii Fascicule A-sciences De La Terre Et Des Planetes 329(2), 73-87, 1999
Abstract   maximum likelihood, kriging, inverse problem, hydrology, hydrogeology, groundwater, geostatistics, geology, aquifer


Assessment of large uncertainty areas for an ensemble of inverse problem solutions by means of EOF analysis
Buoro, A.B. ; Delay, F. ; Marsily, G. de ; Amaral, G.
Fourth conference of the International Association for the Mathematical Geology, 1998


Inversao em geofisica de poco: um estudo sobre ambiguidade
Alvaro Bueno Buoro
Revista Brasileira de Geofisica 15(1), 93-93, 1997
Abstract   philosophy, performance art


Ambiguity analysis of welllog data
Alvaro Bueno Buoro, Joao B. C. Silva
Geophysics 59(3), 336-344, 1994
Abstract   singular value decomposition, nonlinear system, mathematics, inversion, inverse problem, finite set, data processing, curve fitting, ambiguity, algorithm