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System and Method for Credit Score Based on Informal Financial Transactions Information
Bianchi, Silvia Cristina Sardela and Candello, Heloisa Caroline De Souza Pereira and Millen, David Ryant and Pinhanez, Claudio Santos
US Patent App. 14/863,470

Enterprise peer-to-peer storage and method of managing peer network storage
Appel, Ana P and Bianchi, Silvia CS and de SP Candello, Heloisa C and Cunha, Renato L de F
US Patent App. 14/611,525

Storage and recovery of digital data based on social network
Bianchi, Silvia CS and Braz, Alan and Candello, Heloisa Caroline de Souza Pereira and Pinhanez, Claudio S
US Patent App. 14/621,602


Recommendation schema for storing data in a shared data storage network
Bianchi, Silvia CS and Candello, Heloisa CSP and Cunha, Renato LF and Pinhanez, Claudio S
US Patent App. 14/568,237