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IBM Research Lab, Brazil


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IBM Design Thinking Software Development Framework
Percival Lucena, Alan Braz, Adilson Chicoria, Leonardo P. Tizzei
Agile Methods: 7th Brazilian Workshop, WBMA 2016, Curitiba, Brazil, November 7-9, 2016, Revised Selected Papers, pp. 98--109, Springer International Publishing, 2017

Using Microservices and Software Product Line Engineering to Support Reuse of Evolving Multi-tenant SaaS
Leonardo P. Tizzei, Marcelo Nery, Vinicius C. V. B. Segura, Renato F. G. Cerqueira
Proceedings of the 21st International Systems and Software Product Line Conference - Volume A, pp. 205--214, ACM, 2017

Job placement advisor based on turnaround predictions for HPC hybrid clouds
Renato LF Cunha, Eduardo R Rodrigues, Leonardo P Tizzei, Marco AS Netto
Future Generation Computer Systems67, 35--46, Elsevier, 2017


Applying Software Craftsmanship Practices to a Scrum Project: An Experience Report
P. Lucena, L.P. Tizzei
I Workshop sobre Aspectos Sociais, Humanos e Econômicos de Software, co-located with Brazilian Symposium of Software Quality, 2016


Installation Service: Supporting Deployment of Software as a Service
Leonardo G. Azevedo, Leonardo P. Tizzei, Maximilien de Bayser, Renato Cerqueira
7th Latin-American Conference on Communications, 2015

Migrating a Smart City Application from Single to Multi Tenancy
Leonardo P. Tizzei, Vin\'icius C. V. B. Segura, Marcelo N. dos Santos, Leonardo G. Azevedo, Renato F. de G. Cerqueira
Brazilian Conference on Software: Theory and Practice, 2015
Abstract   industry track

Optimizing Multi-tenant Cloud Resource Pools via Allocation of Reusable Time Slots
Leonardo P. Tizzei, M. A. S. Netto, Shu Tao
12th International Conference on Economics of Grids, Clouds, Systems and Services, 2015

Evolving a Software Products Line for E-commerce Systems: a Case Study
Raphael P. Azzolini, Cecilia M. F. Rubira, Leonardo P. Tizzei, Felipe N. Gaia, Leonardo Montecchi
Workshop on Variability for Qualities in Software Architecture (VAQUITA) at ECSA, 2015

A Case Study using AOP and Components to build Software Product Lines in Android Platform.
Gustavo Waku, C. Rubira, L.P. Tizzei
Euromicro Conference Series on Software Engineering and Advanced Applications, 2015
short paper

A Feasibility Study of Using HPC Cloud Environment for Seismic Exploration
K. Mantripragada, A. Binotto, L.P. Tizzei, M.S. Netto
Proceedings of the Earth Science for Energy and Environment (EAGE), 2015

Supporting the Scheduling over Local HPC and Cloud platforms: an FWI case study.
A. Binotto, L.P. Tizzei, K. Mantripragada, M. A. S. Netto
Proceedings of the 2nd EAGE Workshop on High Performance Computing for Upstream, 2015

Architecting Cloud Tools using Software Product Line Techniques: an Exploratory Study
L.P. Tizzei, Leonardo G. Azevedo, Maximilien de Bayser, Renato F. G. Cerqueira
30th ACM/SIGAPP Symposium On Applied Computing, pp. 1441--1448, 2015

An SLA-based Advisor for Placement of HPC Jobs on Hybrid Clouds
Kiran Mantripragada, Leonardo P. Tizzei, Alecio P. D. Binotto, Marco A. S. Netto
International Conference on Service Oriented Computing (ICSOC), 2015

WISE-SPL: Bringing Multi-tenancy to the Weather InSights Environment System
Segura, V.; Tizzei, L.P.; Ramirez, J.; dos Santos, M.; Azevedo, L.; Cerqueira, R.
5th International Workshop on Product LinE Approaches in Software Engineering, pp. 7--10, 2015
short paper

A Self-adaptive Auto-scaling Method for Scientific Applications on HPC Environments and Clouds
Kiran Mantripragada, Alecio Binotto, Leonardo P. Tizzei
Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Adaptive Self-tuning Computing Systems, 2015


Challenges and Opportunities for HPC Cloud in Natural Resources
Alberto Nogueira and Alecio P. D. Binotto and Kiran Mantripragada and Leonardo P. Tizzei and Marco Stellmar Netto and Nicole Sultanum

A Tool to Support Deployment of Scientific Software as a Service
Maximilien P. M. de Bayser and Leonardo G. Azevedo and Leonardo P. Tizzei and Renato Cerqueira
Proceedings of Brazilian e-Science Workshop, 2014

FWI on an Industry Cloud: Delivering seismic analysis as a service
Leonardo P. Tizzei and Alecio Binotto and Kiran Mantripragada and Alberto Nogueira and Nicole Sultanum and Marco Stellmar Netto
Joint SEG/AGU Summer Research Workshop, 2014

A Self-tuning Scientific Framework Using Model-Driven Engineering for Heterogeneous Execution Platforms
Alécio P. D. Binotto, Leonardo P. Tizzei, Renato F. G. Cerqueira
Proceedings of International Workshop on Adaptive Self-tuning Computing Systems, pp. 17:17–17:20, ACM, 2014


A SPL Infrastructure for Supporting Scientific Experiments in Petroleum Reservoir Research Field
F.Y.S. Foschiani, L.P. Tizzei, C.M.F. Rubira
Software Components, Architectures and Reuse (SBCARS), 2013 VII Brazilian Symposium on, pp. 79–88


Supporting the evolution of Exception Handling in Component-based Product Line Architecture
Bruno de A. Iizuka, Amanda Nascimento, Leonardo P. Tizzei, Cecilia M.F. Rubira
Workshop on Exception Handling, co-located with ICSE; 2012; Zurich, Switzerland

An Aspect-Based Feature Model for Architecting Component Product Lines
Leonardo P. Tizzei, C.M.F. Rubira, Jaejoon Lee
38th EUROMICRO Conference on Software Engineering and Advanced Applications; 2012; Cesme, Turkey, pp. 85 -92


Components meet aspects: Assessing design stability of a software product line
Leonardo P. Tizzei, Marcelo Dias, Cecilia M.F. Rubira, Alessandro Garcia, Jaejoon Lee
Information and Software Technology 53(2), 121 - 136, 2011

Aspect-Connectors to Support the Evolution of Component-Based Product Line Architectures: A Comparative Study
Leonardo P. Tizzei, Cecilia M.F. Rubira
Software Architecture, pp. 59-66, Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, 2011
Abstract   10.1007/978-3-642-23798-0_6


An Aspect-Oriented Feature View to Support Feature-Oriented Reengineering Process
Leonardo P. Tizzei, Jaejoon Lee, Cecilia M.F. Rubira
13th International Workshop on Aspect-Oriented Modeling, co-located with MODELS; 2010; Oslo, Norway

Leveraging Aspect-connectors to improve stability of product line variabilities
Marcelo Dias, Leonardo P. Tizzei, Cecilia M. F. Rubira, Alessandro Garcia, Jaejoon Lee
4th International Workshop on Variability Modelling of Software-intensive Systems; 2010; Linz, Austria, pp. 21-28
Abstract   The copyright for this paper is held by SSE, University of Duisburg-Essen