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Research Software Engineer
Brazil Research Lab, Brazil


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Job placement advisor based on turnaround predictions for HPC hybrid clouds
Cunha, Renato LF and Rodrigues, Eduardo R and Tizzei, Leonardo P and Netto, Marco AS
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Helping HPC users specify job memory requirements via machine learning
Rodrigues, Eduardo R and Cunha, Renato LF and Netto, Marco AS and Spriggs, Michael
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Impact of user patience on auto-scaling resource capacity for cloud services
Marcos Dias de Assuncao, Carlos H. Cardonha, Marco A. S. Netto, Renato L. F. Cunha
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Managing sensitive applications in the public cloud
K. A. Beaty, J. M. Chow, R. L. F. Cunha, K. K. Das, M. F. Hulber, A. Kundu, V. Michelini, E. R. Palmer
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Deciding When and How to Move HPC Jobs to the Cloud
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Exploiting User Patience for Scaling Resource Capacity in Cloud Services
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Evaluating Auto-scaling Strategies for Cloud Computing Environments
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Patience-aware Scheduling for Cloud Services: Freeing Users from the Chains of Boredom
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