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Research Software Engineer
Brazil Research Lab, Brazil


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Professional Associations:  ACM  |  Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI)  |  IEEE   |  IEEE Computer Society

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System and method for conducting computing experiments
Cunha, Renato Luiz De Freitas and Netto, Marco Aurelio Stelmar and Silva, Bruno
US Patent App. 15/294,456


Performing collective i/o operations within operating system processes
Cunha, Renato Luiz De Freitas and Real, Lucas Correia Villa
US Patent App. 14/940,666

User interface and system supporting user decision making and readjustments in computer-executable job allocations in the cloud
Netto, Marco AS and Sultanum, Nicole B and Cunha, Renato L d F
US Patent App. 14/924,354

Hybrid cloud operation planning and optimization
Binotto, Alecio Pedro Delazari and Cunha, Renato Luiz De Freitas and Rodrigues, Eduardo Rocha
US Patent App. 15/134,501


Enterprise peer-to-peer storage and method of managing peer network storage
Appel, Ana P and Bianchi, Silvia CS and de SP Candello, Heloisa C and Cunha, Renato L de F
US Patent App. 14/611,525


Auto-scaling thresholds in elastic computing environments
Cardonha, Carlos H and De Assuncao, Marcos D and de Freitas Cunha, Renato L and Netto, Marco A Stelmar
US Patent App. 14/525,376

Recommendation schema for storing data in a shared data storage network
Bianchi, Silvia CS and Candello, Heloisa CSP and Cunha, Renato LF and Pinhanez, Claudio S
US Patent App. 14/568,237