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Brazil Research Lab, Brazil


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Professional Associations:  Sociedade Brasileira de Fisica  |  Sociedade Brasileira de Pesquisa em Materiais (SBPMat)


A measurement platform for studying wetting phenomena at the nanoscale
Michael Engel, Peter W. Bryant, Ronaldo Giro, Rodrigo Neumann, Phaedon Avouris, Mathias Steiner
Bulletin of the American Physical Society - APS March Meeting 2017

Adsorption energy as a metric for wettability at the nanoscale
Ronaldo Giro, Peter W. Bryant, Michael Engel, Rodrigo F. Neumann & Mathias B. Steiner
Scientific Reports7, 46317, Springer Nature, 2017

A platform for analysis of nanoscale liquids with an integrated sensor array based on 2-d material
Michael Engel, P W Bryant, R F Neumann, R Giro, C Feger, Phaedon Avouris, M Steiner
Nano Letters 17(5), 2741-2746, 2017


A metric for wettability at the nanoscale
Ronaldo Giro, Peter W. Bryant, Michael Engel, Rodrigo F. Neumann, Mathias B. Steiner
arXiv pp. 1608.08250, 2016

Scale effects in surface wettability and their implications on oil recovery
Ronaldo Giro, Peter W. Bryant, Michael Engel, Rodrigo F. Neumann and Mathias B. Steiner
XV Brazil MRS Meeting, 2016

Multiscale Science Enables High-Accuracy Simulations of Enhanced Oil Recovery
Mathias B. Steiner, Rodrigo F. Neumann, Ronaldo Giro, Peter W. Bryant, Michael Engel
Rio Oil & Gas Expo and Conference 2016, held between October, 24-27


Emission Redshift in DCM2-Doped Alq3: a Non-Linear Stark-Effect Model
Ronaldo Giro, Flavia P. Rosselli, Marcelo de Cicco, Rodrigo B. Capaz, Marco Cremona, and Carlos A. Achete
XIV Brazil MRS Meeting, September 27 to October 01, 2015

Combining Optical and Atomic Force Microscopy Measurements with Numerical Simulations Reveals Nanoscale Wetting Phenomena
Ronaldo Giro, Peter W. Bryant, Mathias B. Steiner, Michael Engel, Rafael R. Del Grande, Rodrigo Neumann, Phaedon Avouris, Claudius Feger
2015 SIAM Conference on Mathematical & Computational Issues in the Geosciences held in Stanford-CA, USA, 28-2 July

Nanowetting Microscopy Probes Liquid-Solid Interaction at the Nanoscale
M B Steiner, Michael Engel, P W Bryant, R Giro, R F Neumann, Phaedon Avouris, C Feger
Society of Petroleum Engineers, 2015

A computational multiscale approach to assess the intrinsic wettability of a surface and the implications in oil recovery
Ronaldo Giro, Peter William Bryant, Rafael Rodrigues Del Grande, Michael Engel, Mathias Bernhard Steiner
XIV Brazil MRS Meeting, September 27 to October 1, 2015

From Nanoscale Wetting Towards Enhanced Oil Recovery
Ronaldo Giro, Peter W. Bryant, Rafael R. Del Grande, Michael Engel, Mathias B. Steiner
Offshore Technology Conference Brasil held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 27-29 October, Offshore Technology Conference, 2015


An Experimental and Modelling Approach using Nanoscience for Enhanced Oil Recovery
Claudius Feger, Mathias Steiner, Maria J. B. Moura, Peter W. Bryant, Rodrigo F. Neumann and Ronaldo Giro
Rio Oil & Gas , 2014

Quantifying defects in N-layer graphene via a phenomenological model of Raman spectroscopy
Ronaldo Giro, Braulio S Archanjo, Erlon H Martins Ferreira, Rodrigo B Capaz, Ado Jorio, Carlos A Achete
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms319, 71--74, Elsevier, 2014

Multi-scale modeling of wetting: effects of surface roughness
Ronaldo Giro, Peter W Bryant, Mathias B Steiner, Rafael R Del Grande, Claudius Feger, Michael Engel
CILAMCE 2014 - XXXV Iberian Latin American Congress on Computational Methods in Engeneering


Molecular hyperfine fields in organic magnetoresistance devices
Ronaldo Giro, Flavia P Rosselli, Rafael dos Santos Carvalho, Rodrigo B Capaz, Marco Cremona, Carlos A Achete
Physical Review B 87(12), 125204, APS, 2013


Understanding the interaction of multi-walled carbon nanotubes with mutagenic organic pollutants using computational modeling and biological experiments
GA Umbuzeiro, VR Coluci, JG Honorio, R Giro, DA Morales, ASG Lage, JL Mazzei, I Felzenszwalb, AG Souza Filho, D Stefani, others
, pp. 437--446, Elsevier, 2011


Theoretical analysis of aggregation in block-copolymer films: The optical signature
Ronaldo Giro, Liliana YA Davila, Angelita M Machado, Marilia J Caldas, Leni Akcelrud
International Journal of Quantum Chemistry 110(4), 885--892, Wiley Online Library, 2010



Calcium deposition on poly (para-phenylene vinylene): Molecular dynamics simulations
Ronaldo Giro, Marilia J Caldas
Physical Review B 76(16), 161303, APS, 2007


Photoluminescence studies of phenanthrene-azomethyne conjugated-nonconjugated multiblock copolymer
Angelita M Machado, Marilda Munaro, Tatiana D Martins, Liliana YA Davila, Ronaldo Giro, Marilia J Caldas, Teresa DZ Atvars, Leni C Akcelrud
Macromolecules 39(9), 3398--3407, ACS Publications, 2006


Campos et al. Reply
Paulo RA Campos, Viviane M de Oliveira, Ronaldo Giro, Douglas S Galvao
Physical Review Letters 95(22), 229802, APS, 2005

Band gap engineering for poly (p-phenylene) and poly (p-phenylene vinylene) copolymers using the tight-binding approach
Ronaldo Giro, Marilia Junqueira Caldas, Douglas Soares Galvao
International journal of quantum chemistry 103(5), 588--596, Wiley Online Library, 2005


Hysteresis-like behavior in MBANP crystals
Adenilson O dos Santos, Luis H Avanci, Lisandro P Cardoso, Ronaldo Giro, Sergio B Legoas, Douglas S Galvao, John N Sherwood
Crystal growth \& design 4(5), 1079--1081, ACS Publications, 2004

Effects of chlorine gas exposure on the optical properties of rhodium phthalocyanine films
Luciana Gaffo, Odilon DD Couto, Ronaldo Giro, Maria JSP Brasil, Douglas S Galvao, Fernando Cerdeira, Osvaldo N de Oliveira, Karen Wohnrath
Solid state communications 131(1), 53--56, Elsevier, 2004

Emergence of prime numbers as the result of evolutionary strategy
Paulo RA Campos, Viviane M de Oliveira, Ronaldo Giro, Douglas S Galvao
Physical review letters 93(9), 098107, APS, 2004

Molecular dynamics simulations of C 60 nanobearings
Sergio B Legoas, Ronaldo Giro, Douglas S Galvao
Chemical physics letters 386(4), 425--429, Elsevier, 2004

Structure and dynamics of carbon nanoscrolls
Scheila F Braga, Vitor R Coluci, Sergio B Legoas, Ronaldo Giro, Douglas S Galvao, Ray H Baughman
Nano Letters 4(5), 881--884, ACS Publications, 2004


Semiempirical studies of the electronic structure of polyphenylene sulfide phenyleneamine
R Giro, DS Galvao
International journal of quantum chemistry 95(3), 252--259, Wiley Online Library, 2003

Using artificial intelligence methods to design new conducting polymers
Ronaldo Giro, Marcio Cyrillo, Douglas Soares Galvao
Materials Research 6(4), 523--528, SciELO Brasil, 2003


Designing conducting polymers using genetic algorithms
R Giro, M Cyrillo, DS Galvao
Chemical Physics Letters 366(1), 170--175, Elsevier, 2002


Designing Conducting Polymers with Genetic Algorithms
R. Giro, M. Cyrillo, D.S. Galvao
Symposium S - Combinatorial and Artificial Intelligence Methods in Materials Science, 2001