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Researcher - Industrial Technology and Science
IBM Research - Brazil


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A Cloud-based Architecture for the Internet of Things targeting Industrial Devices Remote Monitoring and Control
Ademir F.da Silva, Ricardo L.Ohta, Marcelo N.dos Santos, Alecio P.D.Binotto
IFAC 2016, pp. 108-113


A Cloud-based Architecture for IoT targeting Industrial Engine Remote Monitoring
Ademir da Silva, Leonardo Azevedo, Ricardo Luis Ohta, Alecio Binotto, Marcelo dos Santos, Vinicius Segura, Fabio Gandour
SCAW 2015, Bay Area


Electrokinetic Modeling for Particle Trapping at the Microscale
Jaione Tirapu Azpiroz, Yuksel Temiz, Emmanuel Delamarche, Ricardo Luis Ohta, Claudius Feger
IV Workshop in Microfluidics, 2014


Ti-Si-Ti Metal-Semiconductor-Metal Photodetectors Fabrication Using Low Temperature Processes
Ricardo Luis Ohta, Carlos E. Viana., Nilton Morimoto, Ben-Hur V. Borges
SBMicro 2007 - Chip in Rio - 22nd Symposium on Microelectronics Technology and Devices


Fabrication of Metal-Semiconductor-Metal Photodetectors Using Low Temperature Rapid Thermal Annealing
Ricardo Luis Ohta, Carlos E. Viana, Nilton Morimoto, Ben-Hur V. Borges
SBMicro 2006 - Chip on the Mountains, 2006, Ouro Preto - MG. Chip on the Mountains, 2006, Ouro Preto. Microelectronics Technology and Devices - Sbmicro 2006. Pennington, NJ, USA: The Electrochemical Society, 2006. v.1