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Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM Storage
Markham, ON, Canada


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Professional Associations:  IBM Academy of Technology  |  IEEE   |  Ontario Society of Professional Engineers  |  Professional Engineers Ontario


The 10th CASCON Workshop on Cloud Computing
Marin Litoiu, Joe Wigglesworth
Proceedings of the 28th Annual International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering, pp. 362-363, 2018

DevOps Round-Trip Engineering: Traceability from Dev to Ops and Back Again
Miguel A. Jimenez, Lorena Castaneda, Norha M. Villegas, Gabriel Tamura, Hausi A. Muller, Joe Wigglesworth
International Workshop on Software Engineering Aspects of Continuous Development and New Paradigms of Software Production and Deployment, 73-88, 2018
Abstract   traceability, tornado, technical debt, soundness, software engineering, software deployment, round trip engineering, proof of concept, devops, computer science

Runtime Performance Management for Cloud Applications with Adaptive Controllers
Cornel Barna, Marin Litoiu, Marios Fokaefs, Mark Shtern, Joe Wigglesworth
Proceedings of the 2018 ACM/SPEC International Conference on Performance Engineering, pp. 176-183
Abstract   virtual machine, system dynamics, software system, robustness, engineering, controller, control engineering, cloud computing, adaptive system, adaptability


Cloud Adaptation with Control Theory in Industrial Clouds
Cornel Barna, Marios Fokaefs, Marin Litoiu, Mark Shtern, Joe Wigglesworth
2016 IEEE International Conference on Cloud Engineering Workshop (IC2EW), pp. 231-238
Abstract   volatility, software system, software portability, robustness, real time computing, distributed computing, controller, control theory, computer science, cloud testing, cloud computing, autoscaling

Enabling devops for containerized data-intensive applications: an exploratory study
Marios Fokaefs, Cornel Barna, Rodrigo Veleda, Marin Litoiu, Joe Wigglesworth, Radu Mateescu
CASCON 16 Proceedings of the 26th Annual International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering, pp. 138-148, 2016
Abstract   software engineering, software, popularity, exploratory research, devops, computer science, cloud computing, big data, autoscaling, adaptive system


The 7th CASCON workshop on cloud computing
Marin Litoiu, Joe Wigglesworth
CASCON 15 Proceedings of the 25th Annual International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering, pp. 292-294, 2015
Abstract   workload, software as a service, software, operating system, middleware, ibm, database, computer science, cloud federation, cloud computing, business case


5th workshop on cloud computing
Marin Litoiu, Joe Wigglesworth, Tinny Ng
CASCON 14 Proceedings of 24th Annual International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering, pp. 288-289, 2014
Abstract   world wide web, strategic business unit, software, implementation, end user, computer science, cloud testing, cloud computing security, cloud computing


A generic framework for application configuration discovery with pluggable knowledge
Meng, Fan Jing and Zhuo, Xuejun and Yang, Bo and Xu, Jing Min and Jin, Pu and Apte, Ajay and Wigglesworth, Joe
Cloud Computing (CLOUD), 2013 IEEE Sixth International Conference on, pp. 236--243


Java Programming: Advanced Topics Third Edition
Joe Wigglesworth, Paul McMillan
Thomson Course Technology, 2004


Bridging the digital divide for work and play - a workshop
G.M. Silberman, J.L. Mitchell, M.M. Klawe, F. Liauw, J.P. Wigglesworth, I.R. Posner
International Conference on Information Technology: Research and Education, 2003. Proceedings. ITRE2003., pp. 494-500
Abstract   world wide web, public relations, multidisciplinary approach, literacy, key issues, educational technology, digital divide, developing country, computer science, computer literacy, bridging


Bringing academic research directly to development: IBMs Centres for Advanced Studies
J. Wigglesworth
IEEE International Engineering Management Conference, pp. 866-870, 2002
Abstract   technology transfer, research model, new product development, marketing, intellectual property, industrial property, ibm, engineering, context aware services, competitor analysis


Java Programming: Advanced Topics
Joe Wigglesworth, Paula Lumby
Course Technology - Thomson Learning, 2000


Java Programming: Making the Move from C++
Joe Wigglesworth, Paula Lumby
Couse Technology - International Thomson Press, 1999


Surveys as a method for improving the development process
Joe Wigglesworth
CASCON 93 Proceedings of the 1993 conference of the Centre for Advanced Studies on Collaborative research: software engineering - Volume 1, pp. 337-355
Abstract   vital signs, operations research, ibm, engineering management, distributed computing, defect prevention, computer science, analogy


Influence of flow contraction on solids removal in a small circular clarifier
Joseph Wigglesworth, P. L. Silveston, R. R. Hudgins
Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering 12(3), 717-719, 1985
Abstract   weir, suspended solids, retrofitting, internal wave, geotechnical engineering, flow, engineering, contraction, clarifier, baffle