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IBM Research - China, Beijing, China



Who is Doing What and When: Social Map-Based Recommendation for Content-Centric Social Web Sites
S. Zhao, M.X. Zhou, X. Zhang, Q. Yuan, W. Zheng, R. Fu
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Smarter social collaboration at IBM research
Changyan Chi, Qinying Liao, Yingxin Pan, Shiwan Zhao, Tara Matthews, Thomas Moran, Michelle X Zhou, David Millen, Ching-Yung Lin, Ido Guy
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Factorization vs. regularization: fusing heterogeneous social relationships in top-n recommendation
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Multi-label Classification without the Multi-label Cost
X. Zhang, Q. Yuan, S. Zhao, W. Fan, W. Zheng, Z. Wang
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Who is talking about what: social map-based recommendation for content-centric social websites
S. Zhao, M.X. Zhou, Q. Yuan, X. Zhang, W. Zheng, R. Fu
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Temporal recommendation on graphs via long-and short-term preference fusion
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Improved recommendation based on collaborative tagging behaviors
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A framework for device capability on demand and virtual device user experience
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