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Research Staff Member - Services Automation
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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Professional Associations:  ACM  |  IEEE


Computer environment compliance
Hernandez, Milton H; Kalia, Anup; Peterson, Brian; Sreedhar, Vugranam C; Zeng, Sai
Patent US15796014

Detecting a Root Cause for a Vulnerability Using Subjective Logic in Social Media
Bulut, Muhammed Fatih; Chavez, Lisa M; Hwang, Jinho; Kalia, Anup; Mayo, Virginia; Zeng, Sai
Patent US15825089

Maintaining tribal knowledge for accelerated compliance control deployment
Adam, Constantin Mircea; Bulut, Muhammed Fatih; Hull, Richard Baxter; Kalia, Anup; Vukovic, Maja; Xiao, Jin
Patent US15832330

Contextual automation of information technology change services
Anerousis, Nikolaos; Kalia, Anup; Wu, Frederick Yung-Fung; Xiao, Jin; Vukovic, Maja
Patent US15838827

Security scanning for passengers with medical devices
Kalia, Anup; Pickover, Clifford A; Salapura, Valentina; Vukovic, Maja
Patent US15843125

Facilitation of domain and client-specific application program interface recommendations
Nikolaos Anerousis, Anup K. Kalia; Chen Lin, Maja Vukovic, Jin Xiao
Patent US15848563

Dynamically Generating an Adapted Receipe based on a Determined Characteristic of a User
Michael Gschwind, Anup K. Kalia, Valentina Salapura, Maja Vukovic

Unidirectional trust based decision making for information technology conversation agents
Anup K Kalia, Maja Vukovic, Frederick Wu, Jin Xiao
Patent US10419489

Intelligent self-service advisor
Maja Vukovic, Nikos Anerousis, Anup K. Kalia, Jin Xiao
Patent US16438672


Cognitive service request construction
Kalia, Anup; Hwang, Jinho; Vukovic, Maja; Wu, Frederick Y
Patent US15859552


Identifying tasks and commitments using natural language processing and machine learning
Anup K. Kalia, Hamid Reza Motahari Nezhad and Claudio Bartolini
Patent US9170993B2