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Electronic coarse graining: Predictive atomistic modeling of condensed matter
Flaviu Cipcigan, Jason Crain, Vlad Sokhan, Glenn Martyna
Reviews of Modern Physics 91(2), 025003, American Physical Society, 2019


Accelerating molecular discovery through data and physical sciences: Applications to peptide-membrane interactions
Cipcigan, Flaviu and Carrieri, Anna Paola and Pyzer-Knapp, Edward O and Krishna, Ritesh and Hsiao, Ya-Wen and Winn, Martyn and Ryadnov, Maxim G and Edge, Colin and Martyna, Glenn and Crain, Jason
The Journal of Chemical Physics 148(24), 241744, AIP Publishing, 2018

Structure and hydrogen bonding at the limits of liquid water stability
Flaviu Cipcigan, Vlad Sokhan, Glenn Martyna, Jason Crain
Scientific Reports 8(1), Springer Nature, 2018


High-response piezoelectricity modeled quantitatively near a phase boundary
Dennis M Newns, Marcelo A Kuroda, Flaviu S Cipcigan, Jason Crain, Glenn J Martyna
Applied Physics Letters 110(2), 022904, AIP Publishing, 2017



Molecular-scale remnants of the liquid-gas transition in supercritical polar fluids
VP Sokhan, A Jones, FS Cipcigan, J Crain, GJ Martyna
Physical Review Letters 115(11), 117801, American Physical Society, 2015

Hydrogen bonding and molecular orientation at the liquid--vapour interface of water
FS Cipcigan, VP Sokhan, AP Jones, J Crain, GJ Martyna
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17(14), 8660--8669, 2015

Signature properties of water: Their molecular electronic origins
Vlad P Sokhan, Andrew P Jones, Flaviu S Cipcigan, Jason Crain, Glenn J Martyna
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112(20), 6341--6346, 2015


Electronically coarse-grained model for water
A Jones, F Cipcigan, VP Sokhan, J Crain, GJ Martyna
Physical Review Letters 110(22), 227801, American Physical Society, 2013

Electronically coarse-grained molecular dynamics using quantum Drude oscillators
AP Jones, J Crain, FS Cipcigan, VP Sokhan, M Modani, GJ Martyna
Molecular Physics 111(22-23), 3465--3477, 2013