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Structure and hydrogen bonding at the limits of liquid water stability
Flaviu Cipcigan, Vlad Sokhan, Glenn Martyna, Jason Crain
Scientific Reports 8(1), Springer Nature, 2018


High-response piezoelectricity modeled quantitatively near a phase boundary
Dennis M Newns, Marcelo A Kuroda, Flaviu S Cipcigan, Jason Crain, Glenn J Martyna
Applied Physics Letters 110(2), 022904, AIP Publishing, 2017



Molecular-scale remnants of the liquid-gas transition in supercritical polar fluids
VP Sokhan, A Jones, FS Cipcigan, J Crain, GJ Martyna
Physical Review Letters 115(11), 117801, American Physical Society, 2015

Hydrogen bonding and molecular orientation at the liquid--vapour interface of water
FS Cipcigan, VP Sokhan, AP Jones, J Crain, GJ Martyna
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17(14), 8660--8669, 2015

Signature properties of water: Their molecular electronic origins
Vlad P Sokhan, Andrew P Jones, Flaviu S Cipcigan, Jason Crain, Glenn J Martyna
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112(20), 6341--6346, 2015


Electronically coarse-grained model for water
A Jones, F Cipcigan, VP Sokhan, J Crain, GJ Martyna
Physical Review Letters 110(22), 227801, American Physical Society, 2013

Electronically coarse-grained molecular dynamics using quantum Drude oscillators
AP Jones, J Crain, FS Cipcigan, VP Sokhan, M Modani, GJ Martyna
Molecular Physics 111(22-23), 3465--3477, 2013