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Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA, USA



Novel Architecture for Long Short-Term Memory Used in Question Classification
Xia, Wei and Zhu, Wen and Liao, Bo and Chen, Min and Cai, Lijun and Huang, Lei
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Completing sparse and disconnected protein-protein network by deep learning
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Evolutionary analysis and interaction prediction for protein-protein interaction network in geometric space
Huang, Lei and Liao, Li and Wu, Cathy H
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Network-level study of protein-protein interactions: analysis and prediction
Huang, Lei
2017 - search.proquest.com, University of Delaware


Protein-protein interaction prediction based on multiple kernels and partial network with linear programming
Huang, Lei and Liao, Li and Wu, Cathy H
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Inference of protein-protein interaction networks from multiple heterogeneous data
Huang, Lei and Liao, Li and Wu, Cathy H
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Evolutionary model selection and parameter estimation for protein-protein interaction network based on differential evolution algorithm
Huang, Lei and Liao, Li and Wu, Cathy H
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A Transfer Learning Model for Unbalanced Archaeal Bacterial Protein Subcellular Localization
Chen, Haowen and Huang, Lei and Huang, Hao and Liao, Bo and Cao, Zhi
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HR-Curve: a novel 2D graphical representation of protein sequence and its multi-application
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An embedded cross-assembler optimization method
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An improved GPSR routing protocol
Xiao, Degui and Peng, Lixiang and Asogwa, Clement Ogugua and Huang, Lei
Int. J. Adv. Comput. Technol 3(5), 132--139, 2011

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