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Postdoctoral Researcher
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



Beyond Backprop: Online Alternating Minimization with Auxiliary Variables
Anna Choromanska, Benjamin Cowen, Sadhana Kumaravel, Ronny Luss, Mattia Rigotti, Irina Rish, Paolo Diachille, Viatcheslav Gurev, Brian Kingsbury, Ravi Tejwani, Djallel Bouneffouf
International Conference on Machine Learning, pp. 1193-1202, 2019


Strongly Coupled Morphological Features of Aortic Aneurysms Drive Intraluminal Thrombus
D. Bhagavan, P. Di Achille, J.D. Humphrey
Scientific Reports8, 2018

Combining in vivo and in vitro biomechanical data reveals key roles of perivascular tethering in central artery function
J. Ferruzzi, P. Di Achille, G. Tellides, J.D. Humphrey
PloS one 13(9), e0201379, 2018

Gaussian Process regressions for inverse problems and parameter searches in models of ventricular mechanics
P. Di Achille, A. Harouni, S. Khamzin, O. Solovyova, J.J. Rice, V. Gurev
Frontiers in Physiology9, 1002, Frontiers, 2018

Data-driven Modeling of Hemodynamics and its Role on Thrombus Size and Shape in Aortic Dissections
A. Yazdani, H. Li, M.R. Bersi, P. Di Achille, J. Insley, J.D. Humphrey, G.E. Karniadakis
Scientific Reports 8(1), 2515, Nature Publishing Group, 2018


Multi-Modality Imaging Enables Detailed Hemodynamic Simulations in Dissecting Aneurysms in Mice
E. Phillips, P. Di Achille, M. Bersi, J. Humphrey, C. Goergen
IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, IEEE, 2017

Hemodynamics-Driven Deposition of Intraluminal Thrombus in Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms: A Predictive Model Based on Luminal Shape Optimization
P. Di Achille, G. Tellides, J.D. Humphrey
International Journal of Numerical Methods in Biomedical Engineering, 2017


Novel Methodology for Characterizing Regional Variations in the Material Properties of Murine Aortas
M.R. Bersi, C. Bellini, P. Di Achille, J.D. Humphrey, K. Genovese, S. Avril
Journal of biomechanical engineering 138(7), 071005, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2016


A haemodynamic predictor of intraluminal thrombus formation in abdominal aortic aneurysms
P Di Achille, G Tellides, CA Figueroa, JD Humphrey
Proc. R. Soc. A, pp. 20140163


Biochemomechanics of intraluminal thrombus in abdominal aortic aneurysms
J.S. Wilson, L. Virag, P. Di Achille, I. Karsaj, J.D. Humphrey
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Toward large-scale computational fluid-solid-growth models of intracranial aneurysms
P. Di Achille, J.D. Humphrey
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Anisotropic AAA: Computational comparison between four and two fiber family material models
P. Di Achille, S. Celi, F. Di Puccio, P. Forte
Journal of biomechanics 44(13), 2418--2426, Elsevier, 2011