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Research Staff Member; Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscientist; Pain Expert
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



Brain and psychological determinants of placebo pill response in chronic pain patients
Sara E. Berger, Etienne Vachon-Presseau, Taha B. Abdullah, Lejian Huang, Guillermo A. Cecchi, James W. Griffith, Thomas J. Schnitzer & A. Vania Apkarian
Nature Communications 9(3397), 2018

Hippocampal morphology mediates biased memories of chronic pain
Berger, Sara E and Vachon-Presseau, {\'E}tienne and Abdullah, Taha B and Baria, Alex T and Schnitzer, Thomas J and Apkarian, A Vania
NeuroImage166, 86--98, Elsevier, 2018


The indirect pathway of the nucleus accumbens shell amplifies neuropathic pain
Ren, Wenjie and Centeno, Maria Virginia and Berger, Sara and Wu, Ying and Na, Xiaodong and Liu, Xianguo and Kondapalli, Jyothisri and Apkarian, A Vania and Martina, Marco and Surmeier, D James
Nature neuroscience 19(2), 220--222, Nature Publishing Group, 2016

The emotional brain as a predictor and amplifier of chronic pain
Vachon-Presseau, E and Centeno, MV and Ren, W and Berger, SE and T{\'e}treault, P and Ghantous, M and Baria, A and Farmer, M and Baliki, MN and Schnitzer, TJ and others
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Corticolimbic anatomical characteristics predetermine risk for chronic pain
Vachon-Presseau, Etienne and T{\'e}treault, Pascal and Petre, Bogdan and Huang, Lejian and Berger, Sara E and Torbey, Souraya and Baria, Alexis T and Mansour, Ali R and Hashmi, Javeria A and Griffith, James W and others
Brain 139(7), 1958--1970, Oxford Univ Press, 2016


Risky monetary behavior in chronic back pain is associated with altered modular connectivity of the nucleus accumbens
Berger, Sara E and Baria, Alexis T and Baliki, Marwan N and Mansour, Ali and Herrmann, Kristi M and Torbey, Souraya and Huang, Lejian and Parks, Elle L and Schnizter, Thomas J and Apkarian, A Vania
BMC research notes 7(1), 739, BioMed Central, 2014


Parceling human accumbens into putative core and shell dissociates encoding of values for reward and pain
Baliki, Marwan N and Mansour, Ali and Baria, Alex T and Huang, Lejian and Berger, Sara E and Fields, Howard L and Apkarian, A Vania
Journal of Neuroscience 33(41), 16383--16393, Soc Neuroscience, 2013