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VP Emerging Technology Partnerships
IBM Cambridge Research Lab, MA


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Professional Associations:  Fellow, IEEE  |  Women in Technology International (WITI)

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The Internet of Everything enabling the Democratization of Energy.
Vandebroek, Sophie V
United States Department of Energy, ARPA-e Summit Opening Keynote , 2016

Three pillars enabling the Internet of Everything: Smart everyday objects, information-centric networks, and automated real-time insights
Vandebroek, Sophie V
Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) Opening Keynote, 2016 IEEE International, pp. 14--20


Micromachining technology for thermal ink-jet products
Verdonckt-Vandebroek, Sophie
Micromachining and Microfabrication, pp. 180--184, 1997

Thermal ink jet technology
Peeters, Eric and Verdonckt-Vandebroek, Sophie
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SiGe-channel heterojunction p-MOSFET's
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51st Annual Device Research Conference
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Power n-MOSFET design for a 40-V 192-element thermal ink jet IC
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High-gain lateral pnp bipolar action in a p-MOSFET structure
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A fully integrated silicon-based 40-V thermal ink jet IC
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Design issues for SiGe heterojunction FETs
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High-mobility modulation-doped SiGe-channel p-MOSFETs
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A Complementary high current gain transistor for use in a CMOS compatible technology
Verdonckt-Vandebroek, Sophie and Woo, JCS and Wong, SS
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