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Research Staff Member
Cambridge Research Center, Cambridge, MA



Bias in Clinical Risk Prediction Models: Challenges in Application to Observational Health Data
Y Park, M Singh, I Sylla, E Xiao, J Hu, A Das
AAAI Workshop Trustworthy AI for Healthcare (Accepted), 2021

Blending Knowledge in Deep Recurrent Networks for Adverse Event Prediction at Hospital Discharge
P Chakraborty, J Codella, P Madan, Y Li, H Huang, Y Park, C Yan, Z Zhang, C Gao, S Nyemba, X Min, S Basak, M Ghalwash, Z Shahn, P Suryanarayanan, I Buleje, S Harrer, S Miller, A Rajmane, C Walsh, J Wanderer, G Yuen Reed, K Ng, D Sow, BA Malin
AMIA Informatics Summit (Accepted), 2021

Algorithmic Fairness in Risk Prediction Models for Patients with Opioid Use Disorder
Y Park, M Singh, I Sylla, E Xiao, J Hu, A Das
AMIA Informatics Summit (Accepted), 2021


A Visual Analytics Tool for Understanding Provider Networks
I Sylla, Y Park, A Das
AMIA, 2020

Evaluating artificial intelligence in medicine: phases of clinical research
Y Park, GP Jackson, M Foreman, D Gruen, J Hu, AK Das
JAMIA Open, 2020

Evaluating AI in Medicine: Phases of Clinical Research (Ignite Talk)
Y Park, GP Jackson, M Foreman, D Gruen, J Hu, AK Das
AMIA Informatics Summit, 2020

Medication assisted treatment and healthcare cost among patients with opioid use disorder
Park Y, Sylla I, Henke R, Das AK
ISPOR, 2020

Estimating Time Demand for Physicians in a Direct Primary Care Setting
Y Park, I Sylla, S Ballen, A Das
AMIA, 2020

Anonymizing Data for Privacy-Preserving Federated Learning
O Choudhury, A Gkoulalas-Divanis, T Salonidis, I Sylla, Y Park, G Hsu, A Das
ECAI, 2020


Introduction to network analytics in healthcare research: application to patient sharing provider networks
Y Park, PD Karampourniotis, CE Pollack, E DuGoff
AMIA , 2019

Analysis of Cognitive Workflows in Primary Care Chart Review
MA Foreman, Y Park, JL Sokolov, S Miller, P Tang, AK Das
AMIA, 2019

Predicting Adverse Drug Reactions on Distributed Health Data using Federated Learning
O Choudhury, Y Park, T Salonidis, A Gkoulalas-Divanis, I Sylla, AK Das
AMIA, 2019

Designing for the Information Needs of Primary Care Physicians
J Sokolov, MA Foreman, Y Park, S Miller, AK Das, P Tang
AMIA, 2019

Federated Learning for Predicting Clinical Events with Distributed Patient Data Sets
Y Park, I Sylla, A Das, O Choudhury
ICPE, 2019

Provider Network Among Medicare Patients with Multiple Chronic Conditions
Park Y, Sylla I, Yuen-Reed G, Kelley B, Das AK, Karampourniotis PD
ISPOR, 2019

Hierarchical Patient-centric Caregiver Network Method for Clinical Outcomes Study
Y Park, P Karampourniotis, I Sylla, AK Das
Plos One, 2019

Differential Privacy-enabled Federated Learning for Sensitive Health Data
O Choudhury, A Gkoulalas-Divanis, T Salonidis, I Sylla, Y Park, G Hsu, A Das
NeurIPS ML4H, 2019


Evaluating the Association between Features of Hospital Caregiver Networks and Inpatient Length of Stay
Y Park, P Karampourniotis, I Sylla, AK Das
AMIA, 2018

Physician Distribution in a Network Between Medical Schools and Hospitals
P Karampourniotis, Y Park, I Sylla, AK Das
International Conference on Complex Systems, 2018

Prescription fill rates for acute and chronic medications in claims-EMR linked data
Y Park, H Yang, A Das, G Yuen-Reed
Medicine , 2018

Transforming Diabetes Care Through Artificial Intelligence: The Future Is Here
I Dankwa-Mullan, M Rivo, M Sepulveda, Y Park, J Snowdon, K Rhee
Population Health Management, 2018