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IBM Research Laboratory, UK


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Professional Associations:  Royal Meteorological Society


Bayesian optimisation of restriction zones for bluetongue control
Thomas Spooner, Anne E. Jones, John Fearnley, Rahul Savani, Joanne Turner & Matthew Baylis
Scientific Reports 10(15139 (2020) )


The UKÿ s suitability for Aedes albopictus in current and future climates
S. Metelmann, C. Caminade, A. E. Jones, J. M. Medlock, M. Baylis and A. P. Morse
Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 2019

The Contact Structure of Great Britainÿ s Salmon and Trout Aquaculture Industry
A.E. Jones, K.J. Sharkey, L.A. Munro, D.M. Green, K.L. Morgan, A.G. Murray, R. Norman, D. Ryder, N.K.G. Salama, N.G.H.Taylor, M.A. Thrush, I.S. Wallace
Epidemics 28(100342), 2019

Bluetongue risk under future climates
Anne E Jones, Joanne Turner, Cyril Caminade, Andrew E Heath, Maya Wardeh, Georgette Kluiters, Peter J Diggle, Andrew P Morse, Matthew Baylis
Nature Climate Change 9(2), 2019


Impact of recent and future climate change on vectorborne diseases
Cyril Caminade, K. Marie McIntyre, Anne E. Jones
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 2018


The role of climate change in a developing threat: the case of bluetongue in Europe
Baylis, M., Caminade, C., Turner, J., & Jones, A. E
Revue Scientifique et Technique - Office International des Epizooties 36(2), 467-478, 2017


Environmental change and Rift Valley fever in eastern Africa: projecting beyond HEALTHY FUTURES
Joseph Leedale, Stefan Kienberger, Michael Hagenlocher, Anne E. Jones, Andrew P. Morse, David Taylor
Geospatial Health11, 2016

Malaria in a warmer West Africa
Caminade, C., & Jones, A. E.
Nature Climate Change 6(11), 2016

Climate Change and Vector-borne Diseases: Where Are We Next Heading?
Cyril Caminade, Anne E. Jones, Marie K. McIntyre
The Journal of Infectious Diseases 214(9), 1300-1301, 2016

A dynamic, climate-driven model of Rift Valley fever
Joseph Leedale, Cyril Caminade, Anne E. Jones, Andrew P. Morse
Geospatial Health11, 394-394, 2016
epizootic, rift valley fever, vulnerability, outbreak, precipitation, ecology, biology

Climate Change and Vector-borne Diseases: Where Are We Next Heading?
Caminade, C., McIntyre, M. K., & Jones, A. E.
Journal of Infectious Diseases 214(9), 1300-1301, 2016

Projecting malaria hazard from climate change in eastern Africa using large ensembles to estimate uncertainty
Joseph Leedale, Adrian M. Tompkins, Cyril Caminade, Grigory Nikulin, Anne E. Jones, Andrew P. Morse
Geospatial Health11, 102-114, 2016


Demonstration of successful malaria forecasts for Botswana using an operational seasonal climate model
Cyril Caminade, Anne Jones, Andrew P Morse, Francesca Di Giuseppe, Dave A MacLeod
Environmental Research Letters 10(4), 2015


Towards seasonal forecasting of malaria in India
Cyril Caminade, Srinivasa R Mutheneni, Prashant Goswami, Anne E Jones, Andrew P Morse, Andrew E Heath, Upadhyayula Suryanarayana Murty, Krushna C Gouda, David A MacLeod, Jonathan M Lauderdale
Malaria Journal 13(1), 310-310, 2014


Development of dynamical weather-disease models to project and forecast malaria in Africa
Volker Ermert, Heiko Paeth, Adrian M Tompkins, Anne E Jones, Andreas H Fink, Andrew P Morse, Francesca Di Giuseppe
Malaria Journal 11(1), 2012

The QWeCI Project: seamlessly linking climate science to society
Heath, A. E., Morse, A. P., Caminade, C., Jones, A. E., & MacLeod, D.
EGU General Assembly, 2012


Development of a new version of the Liverpool Malaria Model. II. Calibration and validation for West Africa
Volker Ermert, Anne E Jones, Andreas H Fink, Andrew P Morse
Malaria Journal 10(1), 62-62, 2011

Mapping Rift Valley fever and malaria risk over West Africa using climatic indicators
S. Danuor, C. Caminade, A. E. Jones, A. P. Morse, J-P. Lacaux, I. Jeanne, J. A. Ndione, C. Vignolles, S. Tay, C. M. F. Kebe, Y. M. Tourre, Y. M. Tourre, J. B. Duchemin
Atmospheric Science Letters 12(1), 96-103, 2011



Impact of Climate Change on Malaria Risk in West Africa
Ermert, V., Fink, A. H., Morse, A. P., Jones, A. E., & Paeth, H.
MPETUS Atlas Benin, University of Bonn, 2008


Climate prediction of El Nino malaria epidemics in north-west Tanzania
Ulrika Uddenfeldt Wort, Ian M Hastings, Anne E Jones, Andrew P Morse, Alexandre S Gagnon, Alexandre S Gagnon
Malaria Journal 6(1), 162-162, 2007
wet season, tanzania, tropical medicine, malaria, el nino, climatology, virology, biology