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Research Staff Member (Data Science) and Master Inventor
IBM Research -- Ireland



Castor: Contextual IoT time series data and model management at scale
Chen, B., Eck, B., Fusco, F, Gormally, R. Purcell, M. Sinn, M., Tirupathi, S.
Accepted by ICDM 2018

An integrated framework that combines machine learning and numerical models to improve wave-condition forecasts
O'Donncha, F., Zhang, Y., Chen, B., James, S.
Journal of Marine Systems186, 29-36, 2018


One button machine for automating feature engineering in relational databases
Lam, H.T., Thiebaut, J.M., Sinn, M., Chen, B., Mai, T., Alkan, O.
arXiv:1706.00327, 2017

Semantic Diagnosis Approach for Buildings
Ploennigs, J., Maghella, M., Schumann, A, Chen, B.
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics 13(6), 3399-3410, 2017


Docit: an integrated system for risk-averse multimodal journey advising
Botea, A., Berlingerio, M., Braghin, S., Bouillet, E., Calabrese, F., Chen, B., Gkoufas, Y., Nair, R., Nonner, T., Laumanns, M.
Smart Cities and Homes, pp. 345-359, 2016

Data Management System for Energy Analytics and its Application to Forecasting
Fusco, F., Fischer, U., Lonij, V., Pompey, P., Fiot, J.B., Chen, B., Gkoufas, Y., Sinn, M
EDBT/ICDT , 2016

Structured dimensionality reduction for additive model regression
Fawzi, A., Fiot, J.B., Chen, B., Sinn, M., Frossard, P.
IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering 28(6), 1589-1601, 2016

Enabling coupled models to predict the business impact of weather on electric utilities
Treinish, L.A., Cipriani, J.P., Praino, A., Singhee, A., Wang, H., Sinn, M., Lonij, V., Fiot, J., Chen, B.
IEEE IBM Journal of Research and Development, 5:1-5:10, 2016

Managing uncertainty in electricity generation and demand forecasting
Warren, K., Ambrosio, R., Chen, B., Fu, Y.H., Ghosh, S., Phan, D., Sinn, M., Tian, C.H., Visweswariah, C.
IEEE IBM Journal of Research and Development , 8:1-8:13, 2016


Understanding building operation from semantic context
Anika Schumann, Joern Ploennigs, Bei Chen
IEEE IECON 2015, pp. 1020-1025

(Blue) Taxi Destination and Trip Time Prediction from Partial Trajectories
Lam H.T., Diaz-Aviles, E., Pascale, A., Gkoufas, Y., Chen, B.

Forecasting uncertainty in electricity demand
Wijaya, T., Sinn, M., Chen, B.
AAAI Workshop on Computational Sustainability, 2015

Simulated maximum likelihood in autoregressive models with stochastic volatility errors
Choi, J., Chen, B., Abraham, B.
Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry 31(2), 148-159, 2015

On closed loop bike availability prediction
Schlote, A., Chen, B. and Shorten, R.
IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems 16(3), 2015


e2-Diagnoser: A system for monitoring, forecasting and diagnosing energy usage
Ploennigs, J, Chen, B, Palmes, P., Lloyd R.
International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM), 2014

Statistical anomaly detection in mean and variation of energy consumption
Chen, B, Sinn, M, Ploennigs, J., Schumann, A.
International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR), pp. 3570--3575, 2014


Segmentation and classification of time series using ordinal pattern distributions
Sinn, M., Keller, K and Chen, B
The European Physical Journal 222(2), 587-598, 2013

Central limit theorems for conditional Markov chains
Sinn, M., Chen, B.
International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics (AISTATS), 2013

Uncertainty in urban mobility: predicting waiting times for shared bicycles and parking lots
Chen, B., Pinelli, F., Sinn, M., Botea, A and Calabrese, F.
International Conference on Intelligent Transportation System (ITSC), 2013

Exploiting generalized additive models for diagnosing abnormal energy use in buildings.
Ploennigs, J., Chen, B., Schumann, A. and Brady, N.
ACM Workshop on Embedded Systems for Energy-Efficiency in Buidings (BuildSys), 2013

Fusing Traffic Sensor Data for Real-time Road Conditions
Eric Bouillet, Bei Chen, Chris Cooper, Dominik Dahlem, Olivier Verscheure
Proceedings of First International Workshop on Sensing and Big Data Mining, SENSEMINE 2013, Roma, Italy, November 11-15, 2013, pp. 8:1--8:6

The effect of feedback in the assignment problem in shared bicycle systems
Schlote, A., Chen, B., Shorten, R., Sinn, M
International Conference on Connected Vehicles and EXPO (ICCVE), 2013


Mixing properties of conditional Markov chains with unbounded feature functions
Sinn, M., Chen, B.
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS), pp. 1808-1816, 2012

Robust Lagrange multiplier test for detecting ARCH/GARCH effect using permutation and bootstrap
Gel, Y., Chen, B.
Canadian Journal of Statistics 40(3), 405-426, 2012


Linearization Methods in Time Series Analysis
Chen, B.
Ph.D. Thesis, University of Waterloo, 2011

A sieve bootstrap two-sample t-test under serial correlation
Chen, B., Gel, Y.
Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics 21(6), 2011

Regularized autoregressive multiple frequency estimation
Chen, B., Gel, Y.
Journal of the Iranian Statistical Society 10(2), 141-166, 2011

Computationally efficient bootstrap prediction intervals for returns and volatilities in ARCH and GARCH processes
Chen, B., Gel, Y., Balakrishna, N., Abraham, B.
Journal of Forecasting 30(1), 51-71, 2011


Autoregressive frequency detection using Regularized Least Squares
Chen, B., Gel, Y.
Journal of Multivariate Analysis 101(7), 1712-1727, 2010