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Research Staff Member (Data Science) and Master Inventor
IBM Research -- Ireland



Method for predictive model clustering
Bouillet, E., Chen, B., Congil, R., Hoang, T., Laumanns, M., Lynch, K., Nair, R., Pompey, P. and Sheehan, J

Monitoring Resource Consumption Based on Fixed Cost for Threshold Use and Additional Cost for Use Above the Threshold
Chen, B., Lonij, V. and Marecek, J.


Real time estimation of the contributions of classes of energy generator in residual load signals
Chen, B., Fiot, J.B., Lonij, V.. and Sinn, M


Estimating energy savings from building management system point lists
Bei Chen, Joern Ploennigs, Anika Schumann, Olivier Verscheure. US20160103160 A1


Computer-based extraction of complex building operation rules for products and services
Bei Chen, Joern Ploennigs, Anika Schumann and Mathieu Sinn. US20170032254 A1