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Research Software Engineer
Ireland Research Lab, Dublin, Ireland


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Domain-Oriented Predictive Model and Feature Recommendation System
Carlos Alzate Perez, Bei Chen, Ulricke Fischer, Yassine Lassoued

Method and System for Monitoring Driving Risk Considering Relative Sensing
Yassine Lassoued, Martin Mevissen, Julien Monteil, Giovanni Russo

Risk-Aware Cognitive Journey Companion System
Jonathan Epperlein, Claudio Gambella, Wynita Griggs, Yassine Lassoued, Jakub Mare ek, Martin Mevissen, Julien Monteil, Rodrigo Hernan Ordonez- Hurtado, Giovanni Russo, Robert Shorten


Discovery, Characterization, and Analysis of Interpersonal Relationships Extracted from Unstructured Text Data
Francesca Bonin, Elizabeth Daly, La Deleris, Stphane Deparis, Yufang Hou, Charles Jochim, Yassine Lassoued

Semantic Hierarchical Grouping of Short Text Fragments
Yassine Lassoued, La Deleris