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Research Staff Member
Ireland Research Lab, Technology Campus Mulhuddart, Dublin 15, Ireland


Professional Associations

Professional Associations:  Mathematical Optimization Society


Identification and Control of Traffic at one or more Traffic Junction
Jonathan Epperlein, Jakub Marecek, Rahul Nair
US Patent Application serial no. 15/581,918

Cognitive Journey Companion System
with 9 co-inventors
Patent application # US 15/469,808


Monitoring Resource Consumption Based on Fixed Cost for Threshold Use and Additional Cost for Use Above the Threshold
Bei Chen, Vincent Lonij, Jakub Marecek
Patent application # US 15/180,196


System, Method, and Recording Medium for Yield Management of Events
Jakub Marecek, Robert Shorten, Fabian Wirth, Jia Yuan Yu
Patent application # US 14/934,468

A Method for Pricing Data-Mining Services
Jakub Marecek, Dimitrios Mavroeidis, Pascal Pompey, Michael Wurst
Patent application # US 14/725409

Synchronization of Iterative Methods for Solving Optimization Problems with Concurrent Methods for Forecasting in Stream Computing
Jakub Marecek, Martin Mevissen, Pascal Pompey, Mathieu Sinn
Patent application # US 14/694055

Disruption Forecasting in Complex Schedules
Randall Cogill, Jakub Marecek, Martin Mevissen, Paulito Palmes, Robert Shorten, Fabian Wirth
Patent application # US 14/657378


Optimization of Mixed-Criticality Systems
Jakub Marecek
Patent application # US 14/286004.

Managing Resource Access Using Multiple Service Categories
Jakub Marecek, Robert Shorten, Fabian Wirth, Jia Yuan Yu
Patent application # US 14/543228