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Research Staff Member and Manager
Dublin Research Lab, Dublin, Ireland


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Professional Associations:  INFORMS  |  Society for Risk Analysis


The Human Behaviour-Change Project: harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning for evidence synthesis and interpretation
Susan Michie, James Thomas, Marie Johnston, Pol Mac Aonghusa, John Shawe-Taylor, Michael P. Kelly, L\'ea A. Deleris, Ailbhe N. Finnerty, Marta M. Marques, Emma Norris, Alison O'Mara-Eves, Robert West
Implementation Science 12(1), 121, 2017

Plenary Talks
Deleris, Lea A
Welcome to Galway and to the 6th Annual UK and Ireland SIAM Student Chapter Conference. Our chapter was founded in September 2014. Echoing SIAM s mission, our goal has been to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration between students from different di, pp. 4, 2017

Named Entity Recognition in the Medical Domain with Constrained CRF Models
Charles Jochim, Lea A Deleris
EACL, 2017


Thesaurus-Based Hierarchical Semantic Grouping of Medical Terms in Information Extraction.
Lassoued, Yassine and Deleris, L{\'e}a Amandine
MIE, pp. 446--450, 2016

Probability Statements Extraction with Constrained Conditional Random Fields.
Lea A Deleris, Charles Jochim
Studies in health technology and informatics228, 527, 2016


Person-Specific Standardized Vulnerability Assessment in Health and Social Care.
Deleris, L{\'e}a Amandine and Mac Aonghusa, Pol and Shorten, Robert
MedInfo, pp. 462--466, 2015

Extracting Dependence Relations from Unstructured Medical Text.
Jochim, Charles and Lassoued, Yassine and Sacaleanu, Bogdan and Deleris, L{\'e}a Amandine
MedInfo, pp. 1032, 2015

Two Fields, One Model
Lea A. Deleris
Research Column of DA Today 33(3), 2015

Extracting Dependence Relations from Unstructured Medical Text
Charles Jochim, Yassine Lassoued, Bogdan Sacaleanu, Lea A. Deleris
MEDINFO 2015: eHealth-enabled Health - Proceedings of the 15th World Congress on Health and Biomedical Informatics, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 19-23 August

Person-Specific Standardized Vulnerability Assessment in Health and Social Care
L\'{e}a Amandine Deleris, Pol Mac Aonghusa, Robert Shorten
MEDINFO 2015: eHealth-enabled Health - Proceedings of the 15th World Congress on Health and Biomedical Informatics, S\~ao Paulo, Brazil, 19-23 August 2015, pp. 462--466

Rat Race Roulette: Helping Humans Make Sense of Probabilistic Journey Time?
L. Deleris, S. Deparis
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC), 2015 IEEE 18th International Conference on, pp. 1575-1580

Bayesian Network Structure Learning with Messy Inputs: The Case of Multiple Incomplete Datasets and Expert Opinions
Shravan Sajja, LaA. Deleris
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Risk Event and Probability Extraction for Modeling Medical Risks
C Jochim, B Sacaleanu, LA Deleris
2014 AAAI Fall Symposium Series

Exploring the Visual Communication of Side Effects
Lea Deleris, Donna Gresh
ICHI 2014 - International Conference on Health Informatics

Who' s Counting? Probability Statements and Risk in Medical Literature
Lea Deleris, Bogdan Sacaleanu, Lamia Tounsi
AMIA CRI summit, 2014

A myopic approach to ordering nodes for parameter elicitation in Bayesian belief networks
Bhattacharjya, D., Deleris, L., Ray B.
IEEE Transactions on Data and Knowledge Engineering 26(5), 1053-1062, 2014

The value of information in some variations of the stopping problem
Bhattacharjya, D., Deleris, L.
Decision Analysis 11(3), 189-203, 2014


Risk Information Extraction and Aggregation
Lea Deleris, Stephane Deparis, Bogdan Sacaleanu, Lamia Tounsi
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Extracting risk modeling information from medical articles.
L\'ea Amandine Deleris, Bogdan Sacaleanu, Lamia Tounsi
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From reliability block diagrams to fault tree circuits
D. Bhattacharjya, L.A. Deleris
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Visualizing Risk
D. Gresh, L.A. Deleris, L. Gasparini, D. Evans
Technical Report, 2012

Insolvencies in the American property and casualty insurance industry: A systems' approach
L A Deleris, M E Pat{'e}-Cornell
Risk and Decision Analysis 3(1), 3--18, IOS Press, 2012


The growth and performance diagnostics initiative: A multi-dimensional framework for sales performance analysis and management
Singh, Moninder and Bhattacharjya, Debarun and Deleris, L{\'e}a and Katz-Rogozhnikov, Dmitriy and Squillante, Mark and Ray, Bonnie and Mojsilovic, Aleksandra and Kakrania, Deepika and Saha, Avijit and Fu, Jing and others
Service Science 3(1), 82--98, INFORMS, 2011

The growth and performance diagnostics initiative: A multidimensional framework for sales performance analysis and management
M Singh, D Bhattacharjya, L Deleris, D Katz-Rogozhnikov, M Squillante, B Ray, A Mojsilovic, C Barrera, D Kakrania, J Richard, others
Serv. Sci 3(1), 82--98, 2011

A Web-based Tool for Expert Elicitation in Distributed Teams
C Spaccasassi, L Deleris
Bayesian Modeling Application Workshop at the Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI) Conference, 2011

Quantitative Risk Assessment in Supply Chains: A Case Study Based on Engineering Risk Analysis Concepts
L A Deleris, F Erhun
Planning Production and Inventories in the Extended Enterprise, 105--131, Springer, 2011


Business Integrity and Risk Management
B. Ray, K. McAuliffe, J. von Kaenel, EW Cope, LA Deleris, N. Nayak, RG Torok, D. Hubbard, D. Evans, SN Foley,
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Service operation classification for risk management
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A simulation model for improving the maintenance of high cost systems, with application to an offshore oil installation
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Three key enablers to successful enterprise risk management
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Incorporating risk into business process models
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Ordering Nodes for Parameter Elicitation in Bayesian Belief Networks
Debarun Bhattacharjya, Lea A Deleris, Bonnie Ray
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Risk Extensions to the BPMN 1.1 Business Process Metamodel
Eric Cope, Jochen M K\"uster, Dominik Etzweiler, L\'ea Deleris, Bonnie Ray
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Failure Risks in the Insurance Industry: A Quantitative Systems Analysis
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Harnessing Uncertainty: The Future of Risk Analytics
B Ray, C Apte, K McAuliffe, L Deleris, E Cope
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Supply Chain Risk Management: A Delicate Balancing Act
Basu G., K. Butner, E. Cope, H. Dao, L. Deleris, J. Dong, M. Helander, K. Katircioglu, and B. Ray
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Simulation of adaptive project management analytics
L A Deleris, S Bagchi, S Kapoor, K Katircioglu, R Lam, S Buckley
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Adaptive Project Risk Management
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A Strategic Risk Analysis Framework for the Performance of Insurance Companies?
Deleris L.A. and M.E. PatCornell
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Firm failure risk: Study of the property-casualty insurance industry
L A Deleris
2006 - gradworks.umi.com, D., STANFORD UNIVERSITY

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Quantitative risk assessment of supply chain performance
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Analyzing losses from hazard exposure: a conservative probabilistic estimate using supply chain risk simulation
LA Deleris, D Elkins, ME Pat{'e}-Cornell
Simulation Conference, 2004