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Ireland Research Lab, Dublin



QuerioCity: Accessing the Information of a City
Spyros Kotoulas, Vanessa Lopez, Marco Luca Sbodio, Martin Stephenson, Raymond Lloyd, Aris Gkoulalas-Divanis, Pol Mac Aonghusa
Semantic Cities workshop at the 26th AAAI 2012 Conference


A design phase for data sharing agreements
I. Matteucci, M. Petrocchi, M.L. Sbodio, L. Wiegand
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Toward an E-Government Semantic Platform
M.L. Sbodio, C. Moulin, N. Benamou, J.P. Barthes
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Semantic Technologies for E-Government, chapter Toward an e-Government semantic platform
M.L. Sbodio, C. Moulin, N. Benamou, J.P. Barth\`es
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Improving the accessibility and efficiency of e-Government processes
C. Moulin, M.L. Sbodio
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Discovering Semantic Web services using SPARQL and intelligent agents
M.L. Sbodio, D. Martin, C. Moulin
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CNL4DSA: a controlled natural language for data sharing agreements
I. Matteucci, M. Petrocchi, M.L. Sbodio
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C. Moulin, J.P. Barth\`es, F. Bettahar, M.L. Sbodio
6th Eastern European eGovernment Days, Prague, Czech Republic, 2008

Developing a wearable assistant for hospital ward rounds: An experience report
K. Adamer, D. Bannach, T. Klug, P. Lukowicz, M. Sbodio, M. Tresman, A. Zinnen, T. Ziegert
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Semantic service discovery using SAWSDL and SPARQL
K. Iqbal, M.L. Sbodio, V. Peristeras, G. Giuliani
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Exploiting semantics to automate selection of services for citizens
C. Moulin, M.L. Sbodio
Proceedings of the eGovernment Interoperability Campus, 2007

Ontology based categorization in egovernment application
C. Moulin, F. Bettahar, J.P. Barth\`es, M.L. Sbodio
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SPARQL as an expression language for OWL-S
M.L. Sbodio, C. Moulin
OWLS: Experiences and Directions Workshop at 4th European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC), 2007

A Wearable Computing Prototype for supporting training activities in Automotive Production
I. Maurtua, P.T. Kirisci, T. Stiefmeier, M.L. Sbodio, H. Witt
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Denotation of Semantic Web Services Operations through OWLS
M.L. Sbodio, C. Moulin
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Adding Support to User Interaction in Egovernment Environment
C. Moulin, F. Bettahar, J.P. Barth\`es, M. Sbodio, N. Korda
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Context processing within an open, component-oriented, software framework
M.L. Sbodio, W. Thronicke
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A systematic approach for the design of context-aware components
M.L. Sbodio, W. Thronicke
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Ontology-based context management components for service oriented architectures on wearable devices
M.L. Sbodio, W. Thronicke
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Using ontological concepts for Web service composition
C. Moulin, M. Sbodio
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Year Unknown

eGovernment Application Interoperability
C. Moulin, M. Sbodio, J.P. Barth\`es