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IBM Master Inventor; Conversational Bot Analytics
Haifa Research Lab, Haifa, Israel


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Professional Associations:  Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS)  |  IEEE InfoVis/VAST/Vis


Visual analytics for movement behavior in traffic and transportation
Bak, Peter and Ship, H and Yaeli, Avi and Nardi, Yuval and Packer, Eli and Saadoun, Gilad and Bnayahu, J and Peterfreund, Liat
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Location and Context-based Microservices for Mobile and Internet of Things Workloads
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Understanding customer behavior using indoor location analysis and visualization
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A system of systems approach in responding to events and addressing public health needs
Akdogan, Erman and Peres, Yardena and Yaeli, Avi
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Scalable Detection of Spatiotemporal Encounters in Historical Movement Data
Peter Bak, Mattias Marder, Sivan Harary, Avi Yaeli, Harold J Ship
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Effective management of roles and responsibilities: Driving accountability in software development teams
Dubinsky Y, Yaeli A, Kofman A
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Software Development Governor: Automating Governance in Software Development Environments
Yaeli A., Kofman, A., Dubinsky Y.
in Proceedings of the 31 International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE) , 2009

Roles, rights, and responsibilities: Better governance through decision rights automation
A Kofman, A Yaeli, T Klinger, P Tarr
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Jazz as a research platform: experience from the Software Development Governance Group at IBM Research
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Governance of Software Development: The Transition to Agile Scenario
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Enacting responsibility assignment in software development environments
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Software development governance and its concerns
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Enterprise in Transition: Governance Meets Agile
Yael Dubinsky, Avi Yaeli, Yishai Feldman
1st Research-in-Progress Workshop on Agile Software Engineering, Agile 2007

Asset locator
K McClamroch, A Yaeli, G Zodik
US Patent 7,181,454, 2007 - Google Patents, Google Patents
US Patent 7,181,454


Categorization and presentation tool for code resources
G Zodik, V Bortnikov, A Yaeli
US Patent 6,785,683, 2004 - Google Patents, Google Patents
US Patent 6,785,683

Detection of code patterns
A Akilov, R Lerner, S Porat, I Ragoler, A Yaeli
US Patent App. 10/ ..., 2004 - Google Patents, Google Patents
US Patent App. 10/964,389


Just in time interoperability assistant
I Ragoler, A Yaeli, G Zodik
US Patent App. 10/306,918, 2002 - Google Patents, Google Patents
US Patent App. 10/306,918

Asset Locator-a framework for enterprise software asset management
A Yaeli, A Akilov, I Ragoler, S Porat, S Shachor-Ifergan, G Zodik
The Israeli Workshop on Programming Languages and Development Environments, 2002


eColabra: An Enterprise Collaboration & Reuse Environment
O Edelstein, A Yaeli, G Zodik
Next generation information technology and systems: 4th International Workshop, NGITS'99, pp. 229, 1999