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Health Analytics Research
Haifa Research Lab, Haifa, Israel



Analyzing the “CareGap”: Assessing Gaps in Adherence to Clinical Guidelines in Adult Soft Tissue Sarcoma
Zeev Waks, Esther Goldbraich, Ariel Farkash, Michele Torresani, Rossella Bertulli, Nicola Restifo, Paolo Locatelli, Paolo Casali, Boaz Carmeli
Data and Knowledge for Medical Decision Support: Proceedings of the EFMI Special Topic Conference, 17-19 April 2013, Prague, Czech Republic, pp. 46

GapFlow: Visualizing Gaps in Care for Medical Treatment Plans
David Gotz, Nan Cao, Esther Goldbraich, Boaz Carmeli
IEEE Visualization conference, 2013


Knowledge-Analytics Synergy in Clinical Decision Support
Noam Slonim, Boaz Carmeli, A Goldsteen, O Keller, Carmel Kent, Rury Rinott
MIE, pp. 703--707, 2012

Utilizing assigned treatments as labels for supervised machine learning in clinical decision support
Ruty Rinott, Boaz Carmeli, Carmel Kent, Yonatan Maman, Yoav Rubin, Noam Slonim
Proceedings of the 2nd ACM SIGHIT International Health Informatics Symposium, pp. 493--502, 2012


Simulation-based models of emergency departments:: Operational, tactical, and strategic staffing
Sergey Zeltyn, Yariv N Marmor, Avishai Mandelbaum, Boaz Carmeli, Ohad Greenshpan, Yossi Mesika, Sergev Wasserkrug, Pnina Vortman, Avraham Shtub, Tirza Lauterman, others
ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation (TOMACS) 21(4), 24, ACM, 2011

Bringing research to the point of care: Hypergenes project study.
Edward Vitkin, Hani Neuvirth-Telem, Boaz Carmeli, Amnon Shabo, Ariel Farkash
Studies in health technology and informatics180, 1010--1014, 2011

Automatic detection of inconsistencies between free text and coded data in Sarcoma discharge letters.
Ruty Rinott, Michele Torresani, Rossella Bertulli, Abigail Goldsteen, Paolo Casali, Boaz Carmeli, Noam Slonim
Studies in health technology and informatics180, 661--666, 2011

Evicase: an evidence-based case structuring approach for personalized healthcare.
Boaz Carmeli, Paolo Casali, Anna Goldbraich, Abigail Goldsteen, Carmel Kent, Lisa Licitra, Paolo Locatelli, Nicola Restifo, Ruty Rinott, Elena Sini, others
Studies in health technology and informatics180, 604--608, 2011

Information technology for healthcare transformation
JP Bigus, M Campbell, B Carmeli, M Cefkin, H Chang, C-H Chen-Ritzo, WF Cody, S Ebadollahi, A Evfimievski, A Farkash, others
IBM Journal of Research and Development 55(5), 6--1, IBM, 2011


2009 Service Science and Service Innovation Awards: SRII: Service Research \& Innovation Initiative
Segev Wasserkrug, Avishai Mandelbaum, Yariv Marmor, Avi Shtub, Daniel Gopher, Yael Auerback-Shpak, Dagan Schwartz, Fuad Basis, Jacob Assaf, Boaz Carmeli, others
Journal of Service Research 13(2), 136, 2010

MEDAL: Measuring of Emergency Departments Adaptive Load
E Vitkin, B Carmeli, O Greenshpan, D Baras, Y Marmor
Proceedings of the 13th World Congress on Medical and Health Informatics, MEDINFO 2010, pp. 12--15

Neural Networks Application on Emergency Department Load Measurement
Edward Vitkin, Boaz Carmeli, Ohad Greenshpan, Dorit Baras, Yariv Marmor
Proceedings of the International Symposium on Stochastic Models in Reliability Engineering, Life Sciences and Operations Management, SMRLO10, pp. 8--11, 2010

Prognostic data-driven clinical decision support-formulation and implications.
Ruty Rinott, Boaz Carmeli, Carmel Kent, Daphna Landau, Yonatan Maman, Yoav Rubin, Noam Slonim
Studies in health technology and informatics169, 140--144, 2010


RFID-Based Business Process Transformation: Value Assessment in Hospital Emergency Departments
Yariv Marmor, Segev Wasserkrug, Boaz Carmeli, Ohad Greenshpan, Pnina Vortman, Dagan Schwartz, Kobi Moskovitch, Sara Tzafrir, Fuad Basis, Avraham Shtub, others
Submitted to BPM, 2009

Dynamic masking of application displays using OCR technologies
S. Porat B. Carmeli T. Domany T. Drory A. Geva A. Tarem
IBM Journal of Research and Development 53(6), 10--1, IBM, 2009

Masking Gateway for Enterprises
S.Porat, B.Carmeli, T.Domany, T.Drory, K.Kveler, A.Melament and H.Nelken
Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pp. 177-191, Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, 2009

Towards Health 2.0: Mashups to the rescue
Ohad Greenshpan, Ksenya Kveler, Boaz Carmeli, Haim Nelken, Pnina Vortman
Next Generation Information Technologies and Systems, pp. 63--72, Springer, 2009

Toward simulation-based real-time decision-support systems for emergency departments
Yariv N Marmor, Segev Wasserkrug, Sergey Zeltyn, Yossi Mesika, Ohad Greenshpan, Boaz Carmeli, Avraham Shtub, Avishai Mandelbaum
Simulation Conference (WSC), Proceedings of the 2009 Winter, pp. 2042--2053

InEDvance: advanced IT in support of emergency department management
Segev Wasserkrug, Ohad Greenshpan, Yariv N Marmor, Boaz Carmeli, Pnina Vortman, Fuad Basis, Dagan Schwartz, Avishai Mandelbaum
Next Generation Information Technologies and Systems, pp. 86--95, Springer, 2009


Public Health Affinity Domain: A Standards-based Surveillance System Solution
Boaz Carmeli, Tzilla Eshel, Daniel Ford, Ohad Greenshpan, James Kaufman, Sarah Knoop, Roni Ram, Sondra Renly
Intelligence and Security Informatics: Biosurveillance, pp. 147, Springer, 2007


Deployment GuideSetting up an XDS Affinity Domain using IHII components
Karen Witting, Warren Acker, Boaz Carmeli, Sarah Knoop, Rick Stevens, Laurie Williams
2006 -


The IHE-Bus: a practical tool to instrument and simulate IHE deployment
Uri Shani, Boaz Carmeli, Tomer Kol, Roni Ram, Amnon Shabo
Medical Imaging, pp. 232--243, 2005

From regional healthcare information organizations to a national healthcare information infrastructure
J H Kaufman, I Eiron, G Deen, D A Ford, E Smith, S Knoop, H Nelken, T Kol, Y Mesika, K Witting, K Julier, C Bennett, B Rapp, B Carmeli, S Cohen
Perspectives in Health Information Management/AHIMA, American Health Information Management Association2, American Health Information Management Association, 2005


High throughput reliable message dissemination
Boaz Carmeli, Gidon Gershinsky, Avi Harpaz, Nir Naaman, Haim Nelken, Julian Satran, Pnina Vortman
Proceedings of the 2004 ACM symposium on Applied computing, pp. 322--327


Bradio: A wireless infrastructure for pervasive computing environments
Billibon Yoshimi, G Brad Bolam, Noi Sukaviriya, Jeff Elliott, Boaz Carmeli, Jim Morgan, Herb Derby
Performance, Computing, and Communications Conference, 2002. 21st IEEE International, pp. 309--316

Lessons learned in deploying a wireless, intranet application on mobile devices
Billibon Yoshimi, Noi Sukaviriya, Herb Derby, Boaz Carmeli, Brad Bolam, Jeff Elliott, Jim Morgan
Mobile Computing Systems and Applications, 2002. Proceedings Fourth IEEE Workshop on, pp. 31--39


Personal information everywhere (PIE)
Boaz Carmeli, Benjamin Cohen, Alan J Wecker
Proceedings of the Eleventh ACM on Hypertext and Hypermedia, pp. 252--253, 2000