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Research Staff Member in Storage Systems Group
IBM Haifa Lab, Tel-Aviv site



Optimal algorithms for the $\alpha$-neighbor p-center problem
Doron Chen, Reuven Chen
European Journal of Operational Research 225(1), 36--43, North-Holland, 2013


Setting energy efficiency goals in data centers: the GAMES approach
Barbara Pernici, Cinzia Cappiello, Maria Grazia Fugini, Pierluigi Plebani, Monica Vitali, Ioan Salomie, Tudor Cioara, Ionut Anghel, Ealan Henis, Ronen Kat, others
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Usage centric green performance indicators
Doron Chen, Ealan Henis, Ronen I Kat, Dmitry Sotnikov, Cinzia Cappiello, Alexandre Mello Ferreira, Barbara Pernici, Monica Vitali, Tao Jiang, Jia Liu, others
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Disk Storage Power Management
Doron Chen, George Goldberg, Roger Kahn, Ronen I Kat, Kalman Meth, Dimitry Sotnikov
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A relaxation-based algorithm for solving the conditional p-center problem
Doron Chen, Reuven Chen
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Leveraging disk drive acoustic modes for power management
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Haim Avron, Doron Chen, Gil Shklarski, Sivan Toledo
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Doron Chen, Reuven Chen
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Revisiting Relaxation-Based Optimal Algorithms for the Solution of the Continuous and Discrete p-Center Problems
Doron Chen, Reuven Chen
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Algebraic and Algorithmic Applications of Support Theory
Doron Chen
Ph.D. Thesis, 2005

Obtaining bounds on the two norm of a matrix from the splitting lemma
Doron Chen, John R Gilbert, Sivan Toledo
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Algebraic analysis of high-pass quantization
Doron Chen, Daniel Cohen-Or, Olga Sorkine, Sivan Toledo
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High-Pass Quantization with Laplacian Coordinates
Olga Sorkine, Doron Chen, Daniel Cohen-or, Sivan Toledo
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Taucs: A library of sparse linear solvers
Sivan Toledo, Doron Chen, Vladimir Rotkin


Implementation and evaluation of Vaidya’s preconditioners
Doron Chen, Sivan Toledo
Preconditioning 2001


Accelerating convergence in the Fermat--Weber location problem
Jack Brimberg, Reuven Chen, Doron Chen
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