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Haifa Research Lab, Haifa, Israel



Beyond basic faceted search
O. Ben-Yitzhak, N. Golbandi, N. Har'El, R. Lempel, A. Neumann, S. Ofek-Koifman, D. Sheinwald, E. Shekita, B. Sznajder, S. Yogev
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XML Fragments Extended with Database Operators
Yosi Mass, Dafna Sheinwald, Benjamin Sznajder, Sivan Yogev
Computer-Assisted Information Retrieval (Recherche d'Information et ses Applications) - RIAO 2007, 8th International Conference, CID

On Demand String Sorting over Unbounded Alphabets
C Kent, M Lewenstein, D Sheinwald
Combinatorial Pattern Matching, pp. 16--27, 2007

Just in time indexing for up to the second search
Ronny Lempel, Yosi Mass, Shila Ofek-Koifman, Dafna Sheinwald, Yael Petruschka, Ron Sivan
CIKM '07: Proceedings of the sixteenth ACM conference on Conference on information and knowledge management, pp. 97--106, ACM, 2007


Out of order incremental CRC computation
J Satran, D Sheinwald, I Shimony
IEEE Transactions on Computers, 1178--1181, Published by the IEEE Computer Society, 2005


Out of Order Incremental CRC Computation
Julian Satran, Dafna Sheinwald, Ilan Shimony
Telecom Italia, SSGRR2003s Computer/Communications & eBusiness Conference


Software compression in the client/server environment
M Factor, D Sheinwald, B A Yassour
Data Compression Conference, 2001, pp. 233--242, 2002

Internet protocol small computer system interface (iSCSI) cyclic redundancy check (CRC)/checksum considerations
D Sheinwald, J Satran, P Thaler, V Cavanna
Network Working Group Request for Comments (RFC)3385, 2002

Thread-local heaps for Java
Tamar Domani, Gal Goldshtein, Elliot K Kolodner, Ethan Lewis, Erez Petrank, Dafna Sheinwald
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DSF: Data sharing facility
Z Dubitzky, I Gold, E Henis, J Satran, D Sheinwald
2002 - domino.watson.ibm.com, Technical report, IBM Haifa Research Labs, 2002


Software Compression in the Client/Server Environment
M Factor, D Sheinwald, B A Yassour
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Compression in the presence of shared data
M Factor, D Sheinwald
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iSCSI CRC/Checksum Considerations
D Sheinwald, J Satran, P Thaler, V Cavanna, M Wakeley
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Data Compression in Modern Storage Systems
Dafna Sheinwald
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D Sheinwald, A Lempel, J Ziv
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On the Ziv-Lempel proof and related topics
D Sheinwald
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Optimal Sampling for Identifying a Cluster: An Application in Sorting
S Gal, D Sheinwald
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Deterministic prediction in progressive coding
D Sheinwald, RC Pasco
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Finite State Two-Dimensional Compressibility
D Sheinwald
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On binary alphabetical codes
D Sheinwald
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On compression with two-way head machines
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Deriving deterministic prediction rules from reduction schemes
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Compression of Pictures by Finite State Encoders
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