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Senior Technical Staff Member
Haifa Research Lab, Haifa, Israel



Relative equivalence in the presence of ambiguity
Oshri Adler, Cindy Eisner, Tatyana Veksler
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Proposed New Appendix B for IEEE 1850 (PSL)
C Eisner, D Fisman
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C Eisner
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The,⊥ approach for truncated semantics
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C Eisner, D Fisman
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C Eisner
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Sugar 2.0 proposal presented to the accellera formal verification technical committee
C Eisner, D Fisman
i> http://www. haifa. il. ibm. com/projects/verification/sugar/Sugar\_2. 0\_Accellera. ps, Citeseer, 2002

Using symbolic CTL model checking to verify the railway stations of Hoorn-Kersenboogerd and Heerhugowaard
C Eisner
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Comparing symbolic and explicit model checking of a software system
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Year Unknown

Formal syntax and Semantics of PSL: Appendix B of Accellera’s Property Specification Language Reference Manual
D Fisman, C Eisner, J Havlicek
Accellera (March 2004)