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Senior Manager, Hardware Verification Technologies
Haifa Research Lab, Haifa, Israel



Automatic Boosting of Cross-Product Coverage Using Bayesian Networks
Dorit Baras, Shai Fine, Laurent Fournier, Dan Geiger, Avi Ziv
International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer (STTT) 13(3), 247--261, Springer, 2011


Using virtual coverage to hit hard-to-reach events
Laurent Fournier, Avi Ziv
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A framework for the validation of processor architecture compliance
Allon Adir, Sigal Asaf, Laurent Fournier, Itai Jaeger, Ofer Peled
Design Automation Conference, pp. 902--905, 2007



Genesys-pro: Innovations in test program generation for functional processor verification
Allon Adir, Eli Almog, Laurent Fournier, Eitan Marcus, Michal Rimon, Michael Vinov, Avi Ziv
Design \& Test of Computers, IEEE 21(2), 84--93, IEEE, 2004


FPgen-a test generation framework for datapath floating-point verification
Merav Aharoni, Sigal Asaf, Laurent Fournier, Anatoly Koifman, Raviv Nagel
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Solving the generalized mask constraint for test generation of binary floating point add operation
Abraham Ziv, Laurent Fournier
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FPgen-A Deep-Knowledge Test-Generator for Floating Point Verification
Laurent Fournier, Sigal Asaf
Technical Report, IBM Research Report, Computer Science, H-0140, 2002


Developing an architecture validation suite: application to the PowerPC architecture

... of the 36th annual ACM/IEEE ..., 1999 -

Functional verification methodology for microprocessors using the Genesys test-program generator. Application to the x86 microprocessors family
Laurent Fournier, Yaron Arbetman, Moshe Levinger
Design, Automation and Test in Europe Conference and Exhibition 1999. Proceedings, pp. 434--441


Constraint satisfaction for test program generation
Daniel Lewin, Laurent Fournier, Moshe Levinger, Evgeny Roytman, Gil Shurek
Computers and Communications, 1995. Conference Proceedings of the 1995 IEEE Fourteenth Annual International Phoenix Conference on, pp. 45--48

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Genesys-X86: An Automatic Test-Program Generator for X86 Microprocessors

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