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Research Staff Member, Human-centric AI. IoT PIC co-chair.
Haifa Research Lab, Mount Carmel, Haifa 31905, Israel


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Professional Associations:  Association for Information Systems


Expecting the Unexpected: Developing Autonomous-System Design Principles for Reacting to Unpredicted Events and Conditions
Assaf Marron, Lior Limonad, Sarah Pollack, David Harel
arXiv preprint arXiv:2001.06047, 2020
Abstract   trustworthiness, systems engineering, risk analysis, engineering principles, design elements and principles, computer science, autonomous system, autonomous system


Experimental Setup Enabling Self-Confrontation Interviews for Modelling Naturalistic Driving Behavior
Dariusz Cieslar, Dominik Sasin, Grzegorz Wyszynski, Lior Limonad, Valentin Dashinsky
SAE Technical Paper, SAE International, 2019


Cloud-Based Data Analytics on Human Factor Measurement to Improve Safer Transport
Mobyen Uddin Ahmed, Shahina Begum, Carlos Alberto Catalina, Lior Limonad, Bertil Hok, Gianluca Di Flumeri
Internet of Things (IoT) Technologies for HealthCare, pp. 101--106, Springer International Publishing, 2018

"Shields": A Model for Hazard-Oriented Analysis and Implementation of IoT Applications
Lior Limonad, Fabiana Fournier, Dean Haber, Nir Mashkif
2018 IEEE International Congress on Internet of Things, ICIOT 2018, San Francisco, CA, USA, July 2-7, 2018, pp. 96--103


Cloud-based Data Analytics on Human Factor Measurement to Improve Safer Transport
Mobyen Uddin Ahmed, Shahina Begum, Carlos Alberto Catalina, Lior Limonad, Bertil Hok, Gianluca Di Flumeri
4th EAI International Conference on IoT Technologies for HealthCare HealthyIOT'17, 24 Oct 2017, Angers, France


Enhanced Sliding Window Approach For The Inertial-based Activity Recognition
Sergey Zeltyn, Lior Limonad, Alexander Zadorojniy
Proceedings of the joint Workshop on Smart Connected and Wearable Things (SCWT 2016)

SCWT: A joint workshop on Smart Connected and Wearable Things
Schnelle-Walka, Dirk and Limonad, Lior and Grosse-Puppendahl, Tobias and Lanir, Joel and Muller, Florian and Mecella, Massimo and Luyten, Kris and Kuflik, Tsvi and Brdiczka, Oliver and Muhlhauser, Max
Companion Publication of the 21st International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces, pp. 3--5, 2016


The BE2 model: When Business Events meet Business Entities
Fournier, Fabiana and Limonad, Lior
Business Process Management Workshops, pp. 222--234, 2014

The ACSI Hub: A Data-centric Environment for Service Interoperation.
Boaz, David and Heath, Terry and Gupta, Manmohan and Limonad, Lior and Sun, Yutian and Hull, Richard and Vacul{'i}n, Roman
BPM (Demos), pp. 11, 2014

Wearable-based mobile app for decision making: The case of a safe workplace
Yael Dubinsky, Lior Limonad, Nir Mashkif
Second Internatinal Workshop on Mobile Development Lifecycle (MobileDeli'2014) in conjunction with SPLASH 2014

The BE^2 model: When Business Events meet Business Entities
Fabiana Fournier and Lior Limonad
Data- & Artifact-Centric BPM Workshop (DAB'2014) in BPM'2014

The ACSI Hub: A Data-centric Environment for Service Interoperation
David Boaz, Terry Heath, Manmohan Gupta, Lior Limonad, Yutian Sun, Richard Hull, Roman Vaculin
demo in BPM'2014,

Reusable Derivation of Operational Metrics for Architectural Optimization
Michael Masin, Henry Broodney, Candace Brown, Lior Limonad, Nir Mashkif, Aviad Sela
Procedia Computer Science28, 481--488, CSER 2014, Elsevier


Self-Organizing Maps for Multi-Objective Pareto Frontiers
Shahar Chen, David Amid, Ofer M Shir, Lior Limonad, David Boaz, Ateret Anaby-Tavor, Tobias Schreck
PacificVis-2013, pp. 153--160, IEEE

Barcelona: A design and runtime environment for declarative artifact-centric BPM
Fenno Terry Heath III, David Boaz, Manmohan Gupta, Roman Vacul\'\in, Yutian Sun, Richard Hull, Lior Limonad
Service-Oriented Computing, pp. 705--709, Springer, 2013

Controls in Business and IT : Formalization and Application
Lior Limonad
dissertation, University of British Columbia, 2013

Evaluating Multivariate Visualizations as Multi-objective Decision Aids
Meirav Taieb-Maimon, Lior Limonad, David Amid, David Boaz, Ateret Anaby-Tavor
Human-Computer Interaction--INTERACT 2013, pp. 419--436, Springer

Pluggable Analysis Viewpoints for Design Space Exploration
Michael Masin, Lior Limonad, Aviad Sela, David Boaz, Lev Greenberg, Nir Mashkif, Ran Rinat
Procedia Computer Science 16(0), 226--235, Elsevier, 2013
2013 Conference on Systems Engineering Research

SOMMOS - Self-Organizing Maps for multi-objective Pareto frontiers
Chen, S. and Amid, D. and Shir, O. and Boaz, D. and Limonad, L. and Anaby-Tavor, A. and Schreck, Tobias
IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium 2013

Using Conceptual Models to Theorize about the Relationship Between Records and Risk in the Global Financial Crisis
Kafui Monu, Victoria Lemieux, Lior Limonad, Carson Woo
Financial Analysis and Risk Management, pp. 73-98, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2013


Ontology of Dynamic Entities
Lior Limonad, Pieter De Leenheer, Mark H. Linehan, Rick Hull, Roman Vacul\'{\i}n
Conceptual Modeling - 31st International Conference ER 2012, Florence, Italy, October 15-18, 2012. Proceedings, pp. 345--358

The WaaSaBE Model: Marrying WaaS and Business-Entities to Support Cross-Organization Collaboration
Lior Limonad, Lav R. Varshney, Daniel V. Oppenheim, Elad Fein, Pnina Soffer, Yair Wand, Moran Gavish, Ateret Anaby-Tavor
Proceedings of the 2012 SRII Global Conference, pp. 303--312, IEEE Computer Society

A Generic Business Artifacts Based Authorization Framework for Cross-Enterprise Collaboration
Lior Limonad, David Boaz, Richard Hull, Roman Vaculin, Fenno (Terry) Heath
Cross Enterprise Collaboration SIG in the Service Research and Innovation Institute (SRII) Global Conference, pp. 70-79, IEEE Computer Society, 2012


Approaches to the modeling of complex, dynamic domains
Victoria L Lemieux, Carson Woo, Lior Limonad, Kafui Monu
Records and Information Management for Financial Analysis and Risk Management Workshop, 2011


Control Compliance Business-Process Architecture for Software
Lior Limonad, Yair Wand
AIS Special Interest Group on Systems Analysis and Design (SIGSAND'09 Workshop), 2009

A Conceptual Model and Typology for Information Systems Controls
Lior Limonad, Yair Wand
proceedings of the 15th Americas Conference on Information Systems, 2009

Towards Automatic Integration of the Business-Data Layers in Enterprise-Systems
Mira Balaban, Lior Limonad
Journal of Computational Methods in Science and Engineering (JCMSE) 9(1), IOS Press, 2009


Towards Automatic Integration of the Business-Data Layers in Enterprise-Systems
Mira Balaban and Lior Limonad
proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Software Engineering and Data Engineering, (SEDE'2008)

Extending Business Process Models with Controls
Lior Limonad, Yair Wand
AIS Special Interest Group on Systems Analysis and Design (SIGSAND'08), 2008


Towards Automatic Integration of Persistency Requirements in Enterprise-Systems - the Persistent-to-Persistent Patterns
Mira Balaban, Lior Limonad
The 6th conference on Next Generation Information Technologies and Systems, 2006


Bridging Persistency Impacts: Towards Automatic Integration of Domain-Data Layers
Mira Balaban, Lior Limonad
WISME 2005

Bridging Persistency Impacts: Pattern Driven Architecture for Automating Domain-Data Layers Interaction
Mira Balaban, Lior Limonad
Third Annual Israeli Conference for Software Engineering and Management, Netanya Academic College, 2005