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Architect, Master Inventor - Systems and Storage
Haifa Research Lab, Haifa, Israel



Zero-Copy Receive for Virtualized Network Devices
Kalman Meth, Joel Nider, Mike Rapoport
Proceedings of the Future Technologies Conference (FTC) 2018, pp. 638-650, Springer


Zero-copy Receive Path in Virtio
Kalman Meth, Mike Rapoport, Joel Nider, Razya Ladelsky
Proceedings of the 10th ACM International Systems and Storage Conference, pp. 19:1--19:1, ACM, 2017

MIKELANGELO: MIcro KErneL virtualizAtioN for hiGh pErfOrmance cLOud and HPC Systems
Nico Struckmann, Yosandra Sandoval, Nadav HarEl, Fang Chen, Shiqing Fan, Justin Cinkelj, Gregor Berginc, Peter Chronz, Niv Gilboa, Gabriel Scalosub, Kalman Meth, John Kennedy
European Conference on Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing, pp. 175-180, 2017
Abstract   hypervisor, virtualization, inefficiency, data center, operator, big data, cloud computing, software, operating system, computer science


Supporting media workflows on an advanced cloud object store platform
Maurizio Montagnuolo, Alberto Messina, Elliot K. Kolodner, Doron Chen, Eran Rom, Kalman Z. Meth, Paula Ta-Shma
Proceedings of the 31st Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, pp. 384-389, 2016
Abstract   cloud storage, swift, transcoding, workflow, metadata, middleware, scalability, cloud computing, database, computer science



Leveraging disk drive acoustic modes for power management
Doron Chen, George Goldberg, Roger Kahn, Ronen Kat, Kalman Meth, others
Mass Storage Systems and Technologies (MSST), 2010 IEEE 26th Symposium on, pp. 1--9


Storage modeling for power estimation
M Allalouf, Y Arbitman, M Factor, R I Kat, K Meth, D Naor
Proceedings of SYSTOR 2009: The Israeli Experimental Systems Conference, pp. 1--10


Object storage: The future building block for storage systems
M Factor, K Meth, D Naor, O Rodeh, J Satran
2nd International IEEE Symposium on Mass Storage Systems and …, 2005 - haifaweb.watson.ibm.com


Internet Small Computer Systems Interface (iSCSI) (RFC 3720)
J. Satran, K. Meth, C. Sapuntzakis, M. Chadalapaka, E. Zeidner
IETF, 2004


Features of the iSCSI protocol
Kalman Z. Meth, Julian Satran
IEEE Communications Magazine 41(8), 72-75, 2003
Abstract   hyperscsi, storage area network, message authentication code, scsi, iscsi, the internet, computer network, computer science

Internet Protocol storage area networks
P Sarkar, K Voruganti, K Meth, O Biran, J Satran
IBM Systems Journal 42(2), 218-231, 2003

Design of the iSCSI protocol
Kalman Z. Meth, Julian Satran
20th IEEE/11th NASA Goddard Conference on Mass Storage Systems and Technologies, 2003. (MSST 2003). Proceedings., pp. 116-122
Abstract   hyperscsi, tcp hole punching, tcp offload engine, transmission control protocol, zeta tcp, tcp tuning, scsi, iscsi, computer network, real time computing, computer science


iSCSI Initiator Design and Implementation Experience
Kalman Z. Meth
Abstract   hyperscsi, storage area network, scsi, iscsi, windows nt, ethernet, network management, operating system, computer network, computer science


Parallel checkpoint/restart without message logging
Kalman Z. Meth, William G. Tuel
Proceedings 2000. International Workshop on Parallel Processing, pp. 253-258
Abstract   logging, concurrent computing, message passing, parallel algorithm, kalman filter, real time computing, distributed computing, computer science


Stable Numerical Boundary Conditions for Stokes Equations
K. Z. Meth
SIAM Journal Numerical Analysis 31(5), 1336-1351, 1994


A Software Environment for the Specification and Analysis of Problems of Coordination and Concurrency
S. Aggarwal, D. Barbara, K. Z. Meth
IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 14(3), 280-290, 1988


SPANNER - A Tool for the Specification, Analysis, and Evaluation of Protocols
S. Aggarwal, D. Barbara, K. Z. Meth
IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 13(12), 1218-1237, 1987


Specifying and Analyzing Protocols with SPANNER
S. Aggarwal, D. Barbara, K. Z. Meth
Proceedings of the International Conference on Communications, 1986

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